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National Noodle Day: History With Interesting Recipes Of Noodles!

Spaghetti, ramen, ziti, egg noodles…

Most of the best food is noodles. Try new varieties of noodles today, or go out and enjoy one of the world’s favorite dishes.

Some people eat noodles for comfort. It is a food that is very easy to eat as well as to cook. It is a very soothing and relaxing meal for anyone.

History of National Noodle Day

It is estimated that the origin of noodles dates back two thousand years, or possibly even further. The first mention of noodles in historical records is in a book from the Eastern Han period that dates back to between 25 and 220 BC. This unleavened dough is prepared in many ways, in many cultures, using many different ingredients. But one thing remains the same- the noodles are almost always delicious!

The noodles are cheap, simple, and rather filling and have been a mainstay of the working class for many years. An instant cup of noodles heats up quickly in the microwave at lunchtime. For the poor and college-goers, the mainstay of pre-packaged ramen noodles is often the foundation of a person’s first culinary ventures, as they try to turn a single meal into a meal.

But noodles are not only cheap and filling! Now, consider a rich and delicious bowl from your Mama’s Chicken, which is infused with the rich flavors of chicken or veggies, or the obligatory egg noodles floating between them, which somehow ties together this delicious bowl of nutrition.

For anyone born into an Italian family, chances are they’ve experienced every kind of noodle the mind can imagine and a few to boot! Rigatoni noodles, spaghetti noodles served with a rich red sauce brimming with flavor, Asian rice noodles, or even fettuccine noodles coated in a thick heavy Alfredo sauce with chicken pieces.

Noodles have been with mankind in almost every culture throughout history, and National Noodle Day reminds us that this original and staple food is still the best way to fill a hungry stomach at the end of the day.

How To Celebrate National Noodle Day

National Noodle Day can be fun! Make noodles, eat noodles and enjoy noodles with friends. Try these ideas for celebrating National Noodle Day:

Go out for noodles

Whether at a fast food joint or a sit-down restaurant, noodles are easy to come by in a variety of restaurants.

It is a fast-casual dining place that centers each of its dishes on a noodle. Their noodles are all made by hand, and their menu includes everything from standards such as macaroni and cheese and spaghetti and meatballs to more unique offerings such as Parmesan Crusted Chicken or Grilled Orange Chicken Lo Mein by Alfredo Montamore. They also offer gluten-free and vegetarian options for people with certain dietary needs.

It’s a noodle lover’s dream come true!

Get Smart With Ramen Noodles

Inside those little rectangular packets of dried noodles can be used to make just a few soups with a tiny pack of flavor! As it turns out, they are extremely useful around the kitchen for a variety of needs.

Try these ways to use up those ramen noodles:

Make “breadcrumbs”. Hard noodles can be crushed into small granules (a little seasoning packet is included). These work well as a substitute for recipes that call for breadcrumbs, such as schnitzel or meatballs.

Use it as a dessert topping. It may sound surprising, but those crunchy noodles, when cooked with cinnamon and sugar and then fried, offer a delicious chopped topping that can take the place of nuts on ice cream sundaes or other desserts.

Make burger buns. The great thing about ramen noodles is that once cooked, they can be made into almost any shape. Some people like to add a little egg, salt, and herbs, then shape them into buns and fry them. These can be used for hamburgers or veggie burgers.

Add zest to the salad. Take that boring salad to the next level by adding the crunch of ramen noodles to the pizza. Simply crush dried noodles and toss them in coleslaw and top with an Asian dressing. Tasty!