December 9, 2023 04:53:13

National Day Of The Horse 2022: History And Importance Of The Day!

In the year 2004, the celebration of National Day of the horse was started by the US Congress, let us know about this day in detail.

Whenever heroic stories are described in the history of the world, an important contribution of horses is seen in every war. Not only has their historical but cultural and economic contribution also been considered in any country. Let us know why the celebration of National Day of the horse was started in America.

What is the history of this day?

In the year 2004, the US Congress started celebrating the National Day of the horse and the main purpose of celebrating this day was to remember how much horses have contributed to the development of the nation. This useful animal is considered a symbol of the strength and prosperity of any country.

Horsescontribute $9.2 billion to the US economy. They help in carrying out transport work, tilling the fields, and transporting the pet from one place to another.

On this day in America, people are told about the importance of this animal and to advance their species, providing them better food, building shelter homes, etc. are discussed. Today you can enjoy horse riding and know more about this animal. Any priceless gift of nature can be saved from extinction only with the cooperation of every citizen.