May 30, 2024 02:20:46

National Consumer Rights Day: Know Why National Consumer Day Is Celebrated?

National Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year on 24 December. On this day in 1986, the Consumer Protection Act 1986 received the assent of the President and thus came into force. The Act aims to provide effective safeguards to consumers against various forms of exploitation, such as deficiency in services, defective goods, and unfair trade practices.

This Is The Purpose Of The Consumer Protection Act

Consumer Protection Act has been implemented to give their rights to the consumers. Under this act, now any consumer can complain about unfair trade. For this, they have been given full rights. Let us tell you that in earlier times rigging was more common in business transactions, keeping this in mind this act has been made.

The Theme Of World Consumer Rights Day 2022

This day has a whole year theme as it is a special event for every global consumer. This year the theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2022 is ‘Fair Digital Finance’.

Significance Of World Consumer Rights Day

Although World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on 15 March, National Consumer Rights Day in India is celebrated on 24 December. Because the President of India had assented to the enactment of the historic Consumer Protection Act, of 1949 on the same day.

History Of World Consumer Rights Day

The history of World Consumer Rights Day begins with President John F. Kennedy. On March 15, 1962, he sent a special message to the US Congress to address the issue of consumer rights, the first leader to do so. The consumer movement thus began in 1983 and every year on this day, the organization tries to take action on important issues and campaigns regarding consumer rights. Let us tell you, one can check the various events and campaigns organized around the world from the official site.