May 30, 2024 01:53:01

Munshi Premchand: 10 Most Famous Books Written By The Legend!

The Books written by Munshi Premchand are famous all around the world. Munshi Premchand Books are the most appreciated books in the Indian Subcontinent. Premchand’s writing style was famous for his modern Hindi-Urdu literature.

The Books written by Munshi Premchand include more than a dozen novels, around 250 Short Stories, and many essays.

  • Nirmala or Idaara-e-Furoogh (1927)

This novel talks about the then-common issue of marriage between two individuals having a large age difference. The novel highlights the issues with the dowry system in India.

  • Gaban (1928)

One of the most popular novels of Premchand, Gaban, is set in pre-independent India. The novel is an account of the socio-economic conditions of that time and the simple living conditions of North Indian society.

  • Shatranj Ke Khiladi (1924)

The novel revolves around two idle aristocrats who are addicted to playing chess and die tragic death by killing each other. Satyaji Ray directed a movie based on this novel.

  • Godaan (1936)

Godaan brings out the class struggle prevalent during his time and the meager conditions of the poor villages during the British era. The novel was adapted for film and television as well.

  • Pratigya (1927)

It is said that Premchand found his way to a balanced and realistic level and the capability to hold his readers with Pratigya, a novel that deals with the issue of widow remarriage. Published in 1927, Pratigya means The Vow.

  • Sevasadan (1919)

It is originally written in Urdu under the title on Bazaar-e-Husn by Munshi Premchand, but later on first published in Hindi from Calcutta as Seva Sadan, in 1919. The Story of Sevasadan is about an unhappy wife who leaves a path of moral life and becomes a courtesan. After that, she transforms herself into the manager of an orphanage for the young daughters of courtesans.

  • Rangbhoomi (1990)

Another fantastic read from the List of Munshi Premchand Books. Rangbhoomi is related to different life philosophies, and the behavior of Indian Society and also expresses the complex difference between the rich and the poor. The story of the book correlates with different cultural practices followed all across the Indian nation.

  • Premashram (1922)

Munshi Premchand was influenced by the Non-Cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle for social reform. During that period, his written books were focused on social issues such as poverty, zamindari exploitation

  • Lottery (1933)

The lottery is told in the first person, from the point of view of a school teacher. The story presents the experiences of the school teacher, his friend Vikram, and Vikram’s extended family.

  • Idgah (1933)

It is a Short story written by Munshi Premchand. ‘Idgah’ tells a story of a four-year-old orphan named Hamid who lives with his Grandmother Amina. The main character of the story lost his father, but her grandmother tells him that his father went away to God to fetch beautiful gifts for him.