June 24, 2024 10:23:36 booked.net

MorbiBridgeCollapse: India Paying Emotional Tribute to the Families Who Have Lost Their Loved Ones During This Shocking Tragedy

After a colonial-era cable bridge crashed down in Gujarat’s Morbi town on Sunday evening, sinking over 350 people into the river, 141 lives were lost, and even more, than a hundred others were admitted and are still being treated.

There were 400-500 people on the bridge at the time of the collision, and when it fell down, countless numbers of them sank into the river. Numerous videos and pictures have surfaced showing the people clinging to the wires of the crumbling bridge or even swimming for protection.

It was indeed a big blow to all of us, we are deeply saddened hearing this sudden tragedy and now paying tribute to the families who have lost their loved ones.

#Om Shanti