December 9, 2023 06:08:02

Monica O My Darling Review: Another Interesting Murder Mystery From Team ‘Andhadhun’, Check The Reviews!

Have you heard the name, Achint Thakkar? Didn’t hear, never mind. Swapnil Sonawane must have known someone else. Well, to Yogesh Chandekar? Not even them! Hey same Yogesh who wrote Ayushmann Khurrana’s league-changing film ‘Andhadhun’. The same Yogesh Chandekar has once again come up with an enchanting story, ‘Monica O My Darling’, coming out of his laptop with trembling fingers. The last time the storylines came from a French short film, this time it’s Japanese. All the names I have mentioned in the first three lines of this film review are the real stars of this film. The direction is by Vasan Bala and there are a lot of stars.

Who Is Monica?

The makers of ‘Andhadhun’ have made the film ‘Monica O My Darling’, this is its biggest USP. There are murders one after the other. One end of the story begins from there where a man from a small town in Angola, who is in love with the daughter of the owner of a big robotics company, is dreaming of becoming a millionaire after passing IIT. The story is also going on with Monica, the narcissistic, seductress in the office, whose every episode is a dangerous part of the story.

Shriram’s ‘Eklavya’

Be it in the story or not, Vasan Bala’s imprint is visible in every corner of the making of the film. He started in the discipleship of Anurag Kashyap but the real ‘Eklavya’ is seen by Shriram Raghavan. Shriram’s favorite city Pune is the backdrop. The story moves from Mumbai to the surrounding areas. Songs and the geography of the story together explore the past, present, and future of the characters, and in this churning of characters, neither complete poison nor nectar emerges. Here the matter is in between.

This is the number one Hindi film among the films released on Netflix this year and don’t know why Netflix could not release it in theatres. The cost of the film was to be recovered in its first weekend itself.