February 21, 2024 11:54:27 booked.net

Mitchell Marsh Faces Criticism for Casual Pose with World Cup Trophy

Australian captain Pat Cummins shared a photo on Instagram capturing Mitchell Marsh in a laid-back pose with the World Cup trophy, drawing widespread criticism.

After a triumphant World Cup victory against India, Pat Cummins took to Instagram to share several snapshots of the celebration. However, one specific image featuring Mitchell Marsh generated controversy online. The photo depicts Marsh nonchalantly sitting on a couch with his feet placed on the World Cup trophy on the floor, a gesture many deemed as ‘disrespectful.’

In the image, Marsh is seen wearing a medal around his neck while posing for the camera.

View the picture shared by Pat Cummins on his Instagram story

Explore reactions to this photo

One individual expressed disappointment on Twitter, stating, “So sad to see this behavior from Mitchell Marsh with the World Cup Trophy, which has earned a huge amount of respect.”

Another criticized Marsh, commenting, “Shame on you, Mitchell Marsh, for doing this with the World Cup trophy,” accompanied by an X.

A third Twitter user posted a picture of Marsh on the platform, writing, “Australian Mitchell Marsh is sitting on a sofa with his feet on the World Cup trophy. This behavior seems disrespectful. Have some respect for the WC trophy.”

“Culture and civilization have a great impact on values. In our country, even buying a bicycle is worshipped; they consider it an honor to set foot on the priceless World Cup trophy,” tweeted a fourth, sharing a picture of Marsh with the trophy.