December 6, 2023 07:14:54

Measles Spreading Rapidly: Measles Caused Devastation In Mumbai, 13 Children Died, Know Everything About The Disease!

Measles is spreading rapidly in Mumbai. The number of patients is increasing in areas like Thane, Bhiwandi, Nashik, and Malegaon. So far 208 cases have been reported

Damage Caused By Measles

The measles rapid outbreak in Mumbai is unstoppable. The number of measles patients in the city is increasing day by day. This has increased the concern of the state government. In Mumbai, 13 children have died due to measles and 208 people are undergoing treatment. Meanwhile, 4 suspected measles patients have also been found in the Nashik district. Measles patients have also come forward in Thane, Bhiwandi, and Malegaon. Due to an increase in the number of measles patients in Maharashtra, the Shinde government of the state has come into action. Health Minister Tanaji Sawant has called an important meeting on this matter.

24 new measles patients have been found in Mumbai on Monday. A maximum of 6 patients have been found in Govandi, Mumbai. After that 5 cases have been reported in Kurla, 3 in Andheri East, and two each in Prabhadevi, Goregaon, and Kandivali. While one case each has been reported in Byculla, Matunga, Bhandup, and Chembur. With this, the number of measles patients has increased to 208.

What Is Measles?

Measles is a serious viral infection found in children. It is also called Rubeola. Measles takes innocent children in its grip. In which children get a fever, runny nose, and red rashes on the face. The child gets very upset. Measles is also spread by coughing, sneezing, or skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.

Measles Symptoms

Symptoms of measles start appearing in children after 10 to 14 days. In this, the child gets a fever. The child coughs dry. Along with this, water starts flowing continuously from the nose and the throat starts drying. There is swelling in the eyes. Which is called conjunctivitis. Its most prominent identification is that the child’s face becomes dark red. Many white small spots or rashes start appearing on it. They are most common near the mouth and cheeks. This is called the Koplik spots.

Action Taken By The Government

The Maharashtra government has started taking the necessary steps quickly. Health Minister Tanaji Sawant visited Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai. He learned about the treatment of children infected with measles. Tanaji Sawant said that it will be controlled through vaccination. He has appealed to the parents to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible. At the same time, the central government has formed a team for the prevention of measles. This includes experts from National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), New Delhi, Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC), New Delhi, and Regional Health and Family Welfare Office Pune, Maharashtra.