December 5, 2023 01:04:11

Mastering a Challenging Interview Query: Why Should You Be Hired?

In response to the often-dreaded interview question, “Why should we hire you?” candidates are urged to break away from clichéd responses like “I am hardworking” or “I am a team player.” Instead, they should emphasize their unique value by citing specific accomplishments, skills, and experiences that underscore their potential as a valuable addition to the company. It is equally vital to align their attributes with the job prerequisites and the company’s core principles.

Understanding the Purpose of the Question

Alok Kumar, Senior Director at ManpowerGroup India, a workforce solutions provider, sheds light on the significance of this commonplace interview question. Employers pose it to ascertain whether the candidate possesses a profound understanding of the job role and the requisites for success within the profile. Additionally, this question provides insights into the candidate’s self-awareness, cultural compatibility, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Common Responses

Typically, candidates often stumble when faced with this question, resorting to trite responses such as “I am hardworking,” “I am a quick learner,” or “I am a team player.” Regrettably, these responses fail to impress interviewers as these attributes are fundamental and not unique to the specific job at hand.

What to Include and Avoid

Kumar advises candidates to eschew such commonplace statements when constructing their response. To prepare for an interview effectively, candidates must first thoroughly comprehend the job description, the essential skill sets required, and the challenges the employer or the industry confronts. Kumar emphasizes that candidates should craft responses that highlight the distinctive value they bring to the organization. This may encompass specific accomplishments, skills, or experiences that position the candidate as a valuable asset and a problem-solving resource for the company.

Crafting the Ideal Response

According to Kumar, a robust, tailored response is crucial during an interview, one that underscores qualifications, skills, and their alignment with the job and the company. Whenever candidates reference a particular trait that corresponds with the job prerequisites, they should substantiate it with pertinent experience. Kumar further suggests that candidates should initiate by drawing attention to their years of experience, as this signifies their depth of knowledge. To bolster their response, candidates should recount significant achievements, past projects, and the responsibilities they undertook during that period, thus instilling confidence in the hiring manager.

Furthermore, candidates should commence by studying the company’s core values and mission, identifying areas that resonate with their personal values. “Practice is pivotal in building confidence in the candidate’s response,” adds Kumar.