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Mahesh Babu’s Struggling Days Became An Inspiration For Everyone!

Mahesh Babu’s Net Worth is Rs. 256 Crore. The super megastar of Indian South Films Cinema needs no introduction as the name is enough to describe his personality. He is none other than Mr. Mahesh Babu. The man redefined acting in Indian cinema and raised the standard of art with his performance & his serious acting skills.

If you’re a Mahesh fan, you know the dark days of the star being gone from your life for three years. From the stars’ perspective, he had just delivered one of the biggest hits of his career. This might be a cause of celebration, but with success comes a lot of anxiety, and it got to him badly.

Career struggles and many personal tragedies mired the family. Mahesh’s grandmother and Namrata’s parents passed away, so it was a fragile time for all. Initially, he planned to take a six-month break, but it soon became three years of soul searching.

Suppose one wants to know how Mahesh’s fans are the best; many superstars who take a break struggle to find prominence. Even the biggest superstars like Amitabh Bachchan had to start from scratch after taking a break. Mahesh Babu’s fans, however, supported their star through thick and thin.

Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman

Mahesh has given all the credit for his success to one woman who is Namrata Shirodkar. It is important to mention that she is not just the wife of Mahesh Babu but is also a celebrated woman. Namrata was a Bollywood actress, and supermodel who won Miss India in 1993. She also came in 6th position in the Miss Universe competition.

Mahesh Babu recognizes her contribution to his life and how lucky he is to have her. She is in many ways the backbone of Mahesh, often bringing balance and sanity to the household. Being one of the biggest superstars comes with a lot of stress, and Namrata helps him deal with his anxieties.

Past Days

At the age of four, Babu visited the sets of the Telugu film Needa (1979) where its director Dasari Narayana Rao shot a few sequences of his as a part of the narrative in the presence of the former’s brother Ramesh. Needa marked his debut as a child actor. During the shoot of Poratam (1983) at Vauhini Studios, after watching Babu on the sets, director Kodi Ramakrishna suggested to Krishna that he cast Babu in the role of the protagonist’s brother. Initially terrified, Babu agreed to act in the film after being persuaded by the film’s crew. He went on to act as a child artist in many films. Later, he continued his college studies.