May 30, 2024 02:26:09

Lips Are The Most Sensitive Part Of Our Face, How To Take Care Of Your Lips In Winter!

Skin-related problems start as soon as winter comes. This includes cleft lip. Winters are here and skin-related problems like dry skin and lips start cracking even sometimes it starts bleeding.

There are many women, whose lips remain extremely dry. Don’t know what she does for this. Like the face, special care should also be taken on the lips. Just like you use beauty products on your skin, you must also include some things in your beauty kit for lips. The most important of these is lip balm.

Don’t Bite Your Lips

Most lips are affected in winter. Most women have a habit of repeatedly moving their tongues on their lips. This should not be done. This leaves the lips moisturized for some time, but dries up again in no time. Please tell that due to the enzymes present in the saliva, the lips start drying.

Apply Vaseline

Chapped lips are a very common in winters. In this case, you should use Vaseline or lip balm to make the lips soft. Usage of original petroleum jelly can make your lips soft. Along with this, you should use such lip balm in which natural ingredients have been mixed.

Apply Lip Mask

You should apply a lip mask. beetroot can be very useful for the lip mask. Extract the juice of beetroot. After this, add 2 teaspoons Vaseline, 1 teaspoon sugar, and 2 teaspoons coconut oil in a bowl and mix everything. To apply the mask, first, clean the lips with clean cotton or cloth with water. Then apply this mask to the lips and rub it lightly. Wipe the mask with a clean cloth after 10-15 seconds and try to apply this mask twice a day.

Will Get Benefit From Ghee

If you do not want to use lip balm, you can also apply ghee or coconut oil. This will not only make your lips chapped but it will also make your lips turn pink.

Keep These Things In Mind

  • Try not to scrub your lips if they are chapped. This can cause infection.
  • germs can also enter the mouth through the hands if you touch your lips again and again.
  • Try to apply quality lipstick on the lips. Applying a local lipstick takes away the moisture from it and also darkens the lips but.
  • Wipe the lips clean with a wet cotton ball and try not to sleep wearing lipstick at night.
  • Before sleeping, you should apply cream or balm on the lips.