December 9, 2023 10:44:14

Kylie Jenner Unveils Her Effortless “No-Makeup” Makeup Routine

Kylie Jenner has spilled the beans! The beauty mogul recently shared her step-by-step guide to achieving the coveted “no-makeup” makeup look, and it’s nothing short of gorgeous. Scroll to see the stunning transformation!

In a recent Instagram tutorial, 26-year-old Kylie Jenner, the beauty icon and entrepreneur, offered fans an exclusive peek into her secret to achieving a flawless “no-makeup” makeup look. Taking to the platform on a Saturday, Jenner showcased a quick and effortless everyday makeup routine utilizing products from her renowned beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

In the tutorial video, Jenner, donning a nude-tone tank top with loose waves framing her face, meticulously demonstrated her process for achieving the natural look. She began by generously applying bronzer over her fresh face, including her eyelids, expertly blending it with a brush.

The mother-of-two then employed concealer and bronzer to delicately contour her nose and cheekbones. Infusing a touch of radiance, she adorned her cheeks with her “glow balm” blush, concluding the look with a rosy pink lip using her “tinted butter balm.” Opting to keep her lashes bare, Jenner confidently posed for the camera, showcasing the radiant and natural finish of the makeup.

Fans showered the beauty mogul with praise for the minimalistic yet stunning look. Comments like “That natural makeup looked amazing on you!” and “You look like a goddess” flooded the post, with admiration for the “minimal natural vibes.”

This beauty tutorial follows closely on the heels of Jenner’s recent venture, the second drop of her clothing line, Khy, on November 15. Dubbed “Drop 002,” the collection introduces a fresh range of puffers and base layers co-designed by Jenner and the Los Angeles-based designer Entire Studios.

Featuring cropped and full-length puffer jackets, form-fitting cotton staples, and statement cargo wear, the designs embrace a neutral color palette of black and stone, with a vibrant cobalt option for an added pop of color.

In a conversation with Vogue about Khy, Jenner emphasized her hands-on involvement, stating, “I am the creative director of the brand and marketing. There’s not an Instagram post or video that hasn’t been personally edited by me; there hasn’t been an Instagram post that I haven’t posted myself.”