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Kulfi Takes the 14th Place on the List of the Best Frozen Desserts in the World

Kulfi Takes the 14th Place on the List of the Best Frozen Desserts in the World

As the summer heat builds, our craving for a refreshing treat grows stronger and stronger. The realm of frozen desserts offers a wide variety of options to satiate one’s needs, though ice cream frequently takes centre stage. A well-known online food guide called Taste Atlas recently published its ranking of the top frozen desserts from around the world in a wonderful post for dessert lovers. A source of pride among the many options was learning that Indian kulfi and Kulfi falooda were among the best frozen treats in the world.

Traditional Indian ice cream called kulfi is renowned for its thick and creamy consistency. It has captured the affection of dessert fans everywhere, earning an astounding 14th place. The addition of Kulfi, vermicelli noodles, rose syrup, dry fruits, and several other toppings creates Kulfi Falooda. Additionally, it received the 30th spot on the list.

Kulfi is thought to have started during the 16th century Mughal Empire. The inventive Mughal cooks chose to add flavorful ingredients like pistachios and saffron to the combination to create a dessert with a distinctive flavour. They placed the dessert in metal cones and frozen it in a solution of ice and salt to preserve it and transfer it to warmer climates. Kulfi was created as a result of this novel approach.

Iran’s Bastani Sonnati achieved first place in Taste Atlas’ list of the top frozen desserts. Following in the top 10 were Peru’s Queso Helado, Turkey’s Dondurma, the United States’ Frozen Custard, Filipino ice cream Sorbetes, and the well-known Italian treat Gelato al Pistachio.

Seven Indian specialties were included in the food guide’s earlier list of the best-rated vegan dishes from around the globe.

Misal Pav, who took 11th place, was in first place, followed by Aloo Gobi, who came in at number 20. A common dish called Rajma came in at number 22, while Gobi Manchurian came in at number 24. Masala Vada pleased at position 27, while the legendary Bhel Puri received praise at position 37. Rajma Chawal, a comfort food, secured its place at position 41 at the end.