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Know about the 10 main techniques that helped in making our normal tourism, smart tourism

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1: Focused Search Engine Targeting

Each country uses its own popular search engines. For example; Google in America, Baido in China, etc.

Smart innovative Techniques: We taught them how to use each search engine to market their services to a specific nationality or a country & how you can rank in each search engine (SEO techniques for each). We have taught them the most current free &paid techniques. We have done the same in all other listed techniques here.

Another campaign attracted- 1 million viewers & 39, and 482 tourists reacted.

2: Social Media

Social media is not just Facebook, Twitter etc. There are many popular social platforms for every destination. We taught them how to use the different social media platforms & market their services to attract the maximum travelers.

We used here for example a very innovative tool of marketing by using live broadcasting for customer service on Facebook and Youtube to communicate with travelers 24 hours a day, who found it very accessible & We also broadcasted the tours live to get maximum exposure.

3: Travel Forums

There are many popular travel forums that many travelers check to take a decision to travel somewhere or not. We have taught our travel agents how to be active in the targeted travel forums for each destination & market themselves.

One of our travel agents Ramses Tours applied our techniques in cruise critic and got 135.570 views and many bookings as you can see in the report

4: Bloggers & Vloggers

Blogging & Vlogging is a massive trends in the field. Organized visits via them are crucial. We invited and organized some visits for some of them:

5: Video Marketing

Video marketing, Live broadcasting for tours through YouTube, NetFlix &Vimeo. many free & paid marketing methods.

6: Travel Advisory Websites

Trip Advisor&Lonely Planet etc. also knowing the local travel advisory websites & forums so you can reach all nationalities. Some of our agencies received certificates of excellence.

7: Photo Marketing

Instagram, Snap Chat, Flikr, etc are phenomenally powerful. (in the same way as a Blogger/Vlogger).  Eg: of what we have done: Click here and Click here

8: Travel Public relations sites

How to make PR campaigns for free to market your destination in an indirect way.

9: International Online Travel Agents

Expedia, Viator, etc, Corresponding & convincing international online tour operators to start to market our tours through their website got us great exposure, especially after years of suspension.

10: Smart Payment Solutions

Encourage Travel Agencies to accept bitcoin payments. Over the last 2 years, some companies have seen significant interest from bitcoin users. Developing countries would benefit from that where money transfers are difficult.