February 22, 2024 12:23:10 booked.net

Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir, Hosts Snow-Skiing Event to Promote Adventure Tourism and Winter Sports

In a bid to promote adventure tourism and winter sports in the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir, a snow-skiing event was organized at the scenic Sinthan location. According to officials, the event was a thrilling experience with over 50 skilled skiers participating, including enthusiastic trainees from the Jawahar Institute of Monitoring and Winter Sports.

Notably, a significant number of the participants were female, highlighting the growing interest and active involvement of women in winter sports. Kishtwar is described as a hidden treasure with vast potential for adventure tourism and winter sports. Kishtwar Deputy Commissioner Devansh Yadav emphasized the region’s commitment to becoming a renowned winter sports destination, with plans to provide the necessary infrastructure and support.

The snow-skiing event was a captivating spectacle, featuring participants showcasing their skiing prowess as they gracefully descended the snowy slopes of Kishtwar. The event brought together both experienced skiers and newcomers, uniting them in their passion for winter sports.