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Kevin Conroy Demise: Kevin Conroy Died At The Age Of 66, He was the voice behind the Character Of Batman

Actor and artist Kevin Conroy, who lent his voice to the character of Batman, has died. Kevin voiced the character in several animated series of Batman. It was Kevin who first dubbed Batman in a heavy voice. Kevin was 66 years old.

Kevin Conroy, who became the voice of Batman in the animated series, has died at the age of 66. The actor’s death was announced by co-star Diane Pershing, who worked with Kevin on Batman: The Animated Series. The news was also confirmed by Warner Bros. Animation. According to the reports, Kevin Conroy has been fighting cancer for a long time. A statement was also issued by Warner Bros after the actor’s death, in which he expressed his grief over the death of Kevin.

Mark Hamill Remembers Kevin Conroy

Warner Bros released a statement that says, Mark Hamill, who lent his voice to the character of the Joker, mourned the death of the actor. Mark Hamill said, ‘Kevin was a perfectionist. I used to like him very much. Used to talk to him like a brother. He also used to take care of me a lot. His honesty was visible in his every work. When I used to see him work or he used to talk, then a different enthusiasm used fill me. Apart from this, Paul Dini, writer of Batman: The Animated Series, has also paid tribute to the actor by posting on social media. Apart from this, other stars have also expressed condolences on social media.

Kevin Conroy Started His Career In The 80s

In the 80s, Kevin Conroy started his career as a live-action actor. His show was in the opera Another World before turning to Theater World. In 1992, he gave his voice for the first time, after which he gave his voice to the famous series Batman. Batman: The Animated Series earned him a lot of popularity as Bruce Wayne aka Batman.