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Kashmir is called ‘Heaven on Earth’ & so is its delectable cuisine.

Have you ever heard your grandparents tell us ‘in our times the food was different’? Well in the case of Kashmir, there is something about the soil, water & air that adds a magical taste to its very appetising cuisine.

Traditionally rice has remained the staple food for the Kashmir populace which is most popularly complemented with varied preparations of meat. Kashmiris including the Brahmin Pandits are voracious meat eaters and thus a number of appetizing and luscious Kashmiri dishes of meat like rogan josh and yakhni are available.

Here is a list of some known and some unknown dishes that you should try out in the Kashmiri cuisine…

Yakhni Lamb Curry

It is a well-known name in Kashmiri Traditional Food. The lamb is prepared in a gravy made with yogurt, mawal flowers, onion paste, and dry mint leaves. The scent of black and green cardamoms, as well as fennel, will instantly make you hungry. Serve with rice to enjoy this authentic Kashmiri delicacy.

Mutton Rogan Josh

Let us kick it off with some tender mutton. The Mutton Rogan Josh, like many other delicacies in the country, has a Mughal connection to it. With every bite, apart from a handful of meat, you will also taste some fried onions, fresh yogurt, and the punch of loads of red chilli powder. If you wonder where the red tinge comes from, it is from the red chili powder! The Rogan Josh will be the best introduction to the traditional food of Kashmir for you.

Paneer Chaman

If meat doesn’t float your boat, we have some cottage cheese. But not a simple cottage cheese recipe! The Paneer Chaman is a Kashmiri-styled dish where the paneer is slowly simmered in milk while it basks in the flavors of cardamom. You will get the perfect blend of spices and richness that cannot be explained in mere words.

Kashmiri Saag

Whether you like spinach or not, this famous food of Kashmir will make you fall in love with it. This is the perfect recipe to provide you with some warmth amidst the chilly winters. After spending about 20 minutes in the kitchen and playing with just 6 ingredients, you can even cook yourself this plate of goodness. A tip? Enjoy this creamy delight with some soft Rotis!

Nadru Yakhni

You would never think of a lotus in an appetising manner, would you? It is time to do so! Kashmiris have got down the perfect lotus stem recipe with Nadru Yakhni. While you sip the rich yoghurt that is interspersed with bay leaves and a dash of ginger, you also get a bite into the crunchy stems. Sounds interesting!

Dum Olav

Also known as Dum Aloo, one of our (most probably, yours as well) favourite ingredients comes as a hero in this dish! Wrapped up in layers of spices and aromatic herbs, the small potatoes are a delight for all vegetarians. In fact, the non-vegetarians too cannot resist their urge to get some on their plate. So, vegetarian or not, do haste and try one of the most famous Kashmiri dishes in Kashmir with some hot naan or rotis!

Kashmiri Muji Gaad

If you were missing some seafood, here you are with some Muji Gaad. You will find this dish pop up most during festivals. It is the perfect blend of fish and lotus stems, marinated in an array of flavorful spices that are sure to tingle your taste buds with joy.

Lyodur Tschaman

Another one for paneer lovers is this popular food of Kashmir, Lyodur Tschaman. One bite of this and you will find yourself in the quaint mountains. The creamy turmeric gravy gives a different taste to the paneer, which has made it into a staple dish amongst households.


Although not a dish, Kahva is an important part of Kashmiri cuisine. Whether you feel tired or are caught up in a festive mood, this tea-like beverage is the perfect accompaniment for all occasions. This herbal tea is brewed with saffron and a host of other spices, giving it a unique taste, one that you will remember for a long time.

Modur Pulao

A proper meal will be incomplete without something sweet. Hence, we bring to you the wonder that is Modur Pulao. Centered around saffron, the rice-based dish is adorned with dry fruits, servings of ghee and some milk. The sugar that goes into it provides that sweetness you feel in your mouth after a couple of spoonfuls. If you ask us, Modur Pulao at the end of your Kashmiri dining is a must!


We often have flatbread as a way to accompany the curry or side dish on our plate. But, here is a kind of bread that is a meal in itself. Sheermal is one of the famous Kashmiri dishes. The crispy yet sweet delight is bound to melt in your mouth as soon as you bite into it. And the best way to experience it is in Kashmir itself, with the locals.

Nadir Monji

Fried food is something we all love and crave. And the dish named Nadir Monji constitutes the locals’ fried delight. Made from lotus stem, the dish is served with some fresh mint dip that will surely make it perfect for a rainy day or whenever you want a snack!

Tabak Maaz

Another gem of the traditional food of Kashmir is the Tabak Maaz. It is a serving of fried pieces of mutton, flavored with salt and red chili. You can immediately taste the pangs of flavor when the first bite goes in your mouth.