December 11, 2023 05:13:18

Karwa Chauth 2023: Guidelines for Husbands to Support Their Fasting Wives

As Karwa Chauth, the festival of marital love, approaches, it’s essential for husbands to understand their role in supporting their wives during this fasting ritual. This significant Hindu festival is celebrated by women in northern and western India, falling on the fourth day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Kartik, typically corresponding to October or November in the Gregorian calendar. In 2023, this auspicious occasion is marked on November 1.

Traditionally, Karwa Chauth involves married women fasting from sunrise to moonrise to pray for the well-being and longevity of their husbands. In recent times, this observance has evolved to include husbands fasting for their wives’ long and healthy lives.

On this special day, women adorn themselves in traditional attire, apply mehndi (henna), and participate in various rituals and prayers. The fast is broken only after sighting the moon, often using a sieve. While Karwa Chauth primarily expresses the devotion and love of wives, husbands have an important role to play in ensuring a fulfilling experience for their spouses. Here are some dos and don’ts for husbands to support and actively participate in this meaningful tradition.

Dos and Don’ts for Husbands During Their Wives’ Karwa Chauth Fasting:


  1. Ensure a Nutritious Pre-Fast Meal: Make sure your wife consumes a healthy, energy-rich meal before starting her fast, which may include carbohydrates to sustain her throughout the day.
  2. Hydration Is Key: Ensure that she is adequately hydrated before commencing the fast. Encourage her to drink sufficient water and enjoy beverages like lassi, chaach, or coconut water to prevent fatigue, dry mouth, and headaches later in the day.
  3. Quality Time: Whenever possible, set aside quality time to be with your wife. Demonstrating your love and appreciation by spending time together is a meaningful gesture.
  4. Express Gratitude: Acknowledge and express gratitude for your wife’s devotion and sacrifices during the fast. This is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation for her love and commitment.
  5. Respect Her Fast: Even though you are not obligated to fast, consider avoiding elaborate meals in front of your fasting wife out of respect for her dedication.


  1. Distract from Food Thoughts: Plan engaging activities or distractions during meal hours to shift your wife’s focus. Activities like watching a movie, reading, listening to music, or gardening can keep her mind occupied and help her forget about her hunger.
  2. Avoid Pressure: If, for any reason, your wife cannot or does not wish to fast, do not pressure her. Instead, be supportive and encourage her to eat if she is unable to complete the fast.
  3. Maintain Positivity: Avoid conflicts or negativity on this auspicious day. Strive to create a joyful and harmonious atmosphere at home.
  4. Consider Health: If your wife is unwell, do not insist on her fasting. It’s crucial to recognize that she needs proper nutrition to sustain her health. If she is pregnant or has an underlying medical condition, consult with her doctor before fasting.

In conclusion, Karwa Chauth is a special occasion for both partners to express their love and devotion. By following these dos and don’ts, husbands can play a supportive role in making this day memorable and meaningful for their fasting wives.