February 21, 2024 11:55:43 booked.net

Jamie Foxx Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit Stemming from 2015 Incident

Fresh legal challenges are emerging for Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, with recent reports from TMZ detailing a lawsuit filed against him for alleged sexual assault in 2015. Court documents indicate that an unnamed woman, identified as Jane Doe in the filings, accuses Foxx of assaulting her at a New York City restaurant, the Catch rooftop, in August of that year.

The Lawsuit Details

The woman has not disclosed her identity, and in addition to Jamie Foxx, the lawsuit includes the restaurant, its staff, and Mark Birnbaum, co-founder of Catch Hospitality Group, as defendants. Seeking a trial by jury, the plaintiff is pursuing compensatory and punitive damages in connection with the alleged assault.

Jamie Foxx’s Legal History

This is not the first time Jamie Foxx has faced accusations of misconduct. During the MeToo movement, another woman accused him of sexual harassment, a claim he vehemently denied.

Recent Setbacks

The year has proven challenging for Foxx, starting with his hospitalization in April due to an undisclosed medical complication. Additionally, he stirred controversy with a social media post that was perceived as anti-Semitic. The post, referencing the crucifixion of Jesus, led to significant backlash.

Foxx’s Apology and Clarification

In response to the criticism, Jamie Foxx publicly apologized to the Jewish community, acknowledging that his choice of words had caused offense. He clarified that the reference to “they” was directed at a deceptive acquaintance and not intended as an expression of anti-Semitic beliefs. Foxx affirmed his love and support for the Jewish community, emphasizing that any misinterpretation was unintentional.