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Is Beauty Harmful To Health? Know About Stendhal Syndrome And What Its Causes Are!

When someone is so captivated by the beauty of art that their physical health is adversely affected, Stendhal syndrome develops.

If you like paranormal works of art and phenomena, you may be interested in learning more about Stendhal syndrome. When one is so captivated by the beauty of art that his or her physical health is adversely affected, a psychosomatic syndrome known as Stendhal’s syndrome develops.

According to reports, a visitor had a heart attack while admiring the famous Sandro Botticelli painting ‘The Birth of Venus’ in Italy in 2018. Doctors discovered a connection between the patient’s heart condition and the attractiveness of the image, dismissing the phenomenon as a coincidence.

History Of Stendhal Syndrome

According to reports, Dr. Graziella Maggherini, a psychologist at Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence, first used the name “Stendhal syndrome” in 1979. They noticed a pattern of psychological issues among care visitors on the ward. She observed that travelers visiting historical sites throughout the city shared a common set of symptoms such as chest pain, anxiety, and heart palpitations.

He first described the disease in his 1989 book La syndrome de Stendhal. According to studies, this syndrome appears only in visitors who are captivated by the beauty of an artwork. However strange it may sound, this disease exists.

The patient felt dizzy, palpitations, hallucinations, and dissociation after viewing works of art including Michelangelo sculptures and Botticelli paintings by 106 people, all of whom were tourists, according to the BBC. In 2019, Maggherini said he was experiencing “panic attacks brought on by a great work of art and the psychological impact of travel.”

Stendhal Syndrome Signs And Symptoms

According to Health Shots, Stendhal syndrome is described by Dr. Sunil Singla as “a physical and mental psychosomatic reaction of our body to the sight of great works of art like paintings, architecture, sculptures, etc.” Some symptoms of the disease can be:

  • Unusual feelings
  • High heart rate
  • Heartbeats
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Delusions/hallucinations