December 6, 2023 07:36:09

Introducing Iqraa Hassan: Pakistan’s Wealthiest Woman, a Notable Figure in Business

Mian Muhammad Mansha, often dubbed Pakistan’s Mukesh Ambani, was the country’s first billionaire, paving the way for his daughter-in-law, Iqraa Hassan, to emerge as Pakistan’s wealthiest woman.

Despite the challenging phase Pakistan is currently navigating, marked by a political crisis and economic difficulties leading to a profound recession, the nation has produced successful entrepreneurs. While India and Pakistan gained independence simultaneously, there is a significant financial disparity between the two countries, with India boasting a few individuals on the list of Asia’s richest, including Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest person in Asia with a net worth of approximately $92 billion. India’s success, however, does not imply a lack of significant business figures in Pakistan capable of advancing their country.

Among the notable Pakistani billionaires, Mian Muhammad Mansha stands out as the first in the nation and is often likened to Mukesh Ambani. His daughter-in-law, Iqraa Hassan, known as ‘bahu,’ is reported to be Pakistan’s richest woman.

While Iqraa Hassan has Pakistani roots, a substantial part of her life has been spent in London, UK. Armed with a BSC degree in International Politics from the London School of Economics and an MSC degree in International Relations from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Iqraa’s extensive knowledge of the UK market positions her as the successful CEO of Nishat Hotels and Properties. The company manages properties in Pakistan and operates a 5-star hotel in London. In addition to her role as CEO, Iqraa serves as a director for various companies.

Reports suggest that Iqraa Hassan’s net worth is around USD 1 billion, a substantial figure though incomparable to the fortunes of Indian billionaires such as Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani. Iqraa is married to Mian Umer Mansha, the son of Pakistan’s second-richest man, Mian Muhammad Mansha. As the Chief Executive of Nishat Mills since September 2007 and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Adamjee Insurance Company Limited, Mian Umer Mansha plays a significant role in the family’s business endeavors.