December 5, 2023 01:59:35

International Student’s Day: Find Out Why International Students Day Is Celebrated On 17th November

Every year on 17 November, students around the world celebrate International Students’ Day. Thousands of students participate in the programs with full enthusiasm. A very heartbreaking incident is associated with this day. Let us tell you about this today…

History Of The Day

The history of International Students’ Day is related to the incident of October 28, 1939. Part of Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Nazis. In Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia, a demonstration was organized by the students and teachers there. The demonstration was on the occasion of the anniversary of the establishment of the country. The Nazis opened fire on the demonstrators, killing a medical student. Demonstrations were also held at the funeral of the student. As a result, the protesters were arrested. On November 17, 1939, Nazi soldiers entered the students’ hostel. He arrested 1200 students and sent nine of them to concentration camps who were later hanged. Nazi soldiers closed all colleges and universities in Czechoslovakia after this incident. The incident of the courage of those students was unforgettable.

International Conference In London

Two years after this incident i.e. in 1941, an international conference was called in London. This conference was for the students fighting against fascism. It was decided there that in memory of the students who were martyred by the Nazis, International Students Day will be celebrated on 17 November every year.

What Do You Do On This Day?

Many universities around the world use the occasion to showcase cultural pluralism and diversity. Some universities organize special activities for students. Apart from universities, many student organizations also organize events on the occasion of International Students’ Day. They also spread the message about International Students’ Day on social media.