December 1, 2023 06:53:08

International Human Solidarity Day 2022: Know Why International Human Solidarity Day Is Celebrated?

This day is organized every year to give the message of unity and brotherhood among different countries of the world. Through this day, cooperation and harmony between countries with diverse cultures and identities are emphasized. Every year International Human Solidarity Day is organized by various countries to make the world even better through International Human Solidarity Day. Through today’s article, we are going to tell you what International Human Solidarity Day is. Along with this, through this article, you will be able to get acquainted with the important points related to the organization of International Human Solidarity Day and its importance.

International Human Solidarity Day

This world is full of diversity, in which people of different languages, cultures, and races live here. Due to the lack of unity and conflict of interest among various countries, many times the world has faced war, violence, terrorism, and other problems, due to which the entire human race has to suffer. In such a situation, all these incidents can be stopped only through cooperation and unity among the citizens of different countries.

Unity Day is organized to increase unity and brotherhood among different countries of the world and to promote the pace of development among different countries with cooperation and harmony. For inclusive development in a world full of diversity, it is necessary to have unity among different countries of the world so that all countries can progress mutually economically.

Why Unity Is Necessary

Unity has been considered a great human quality throughout history. Looking at the history of the world, it is known that all the great works in the world have been possible only with the unity and cooperation of human beings. Human unity is necessary for all the great and big works in the world. Along with this, various problems faced by mankind like starvation, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, and other problems can be solved only by collective efforts. In such a situation, human unity is necessary to solve all these problems.

Unity has been considered essential for the inclusive development of the world and also for realizing the life value of unity in diversity. The importance of unity to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and international human unity is important to achieve inclusive development. Unity is defined as an important value in the core values of international relations.

History Of International Human Solidarity Day

To promote cooperation and harmony in the world, the idea of International Human Solidarity Day was first proposed by the United Nations General Assembly so that the international relations of various countries can be strengthened and the spirit of cooperation can be increased among the countries. For this, the value of human unity was recognized through Resolution 60/209 on 22 December 2005 and it was decided to celebrate International Human Solidarity Day on 20 December every year.

What Is The Purpose Of International Human Unity Day?

The following objectives of International Human Solidarity Day have been set by the United Nations: –

  • Display of unity in diversity
  • Promotion of unity and brotherhood among citizens
  • The strength of international relations
  • Promotion of cooperation for inclusive development
  • Promote sustainable development
  • To promote harmony and peace in the world
  • Making the world a better place

Significance Of the Day

Through International Human Unity Day, there is an increase in unity and brotherhood among different countries, so that different nations cooperate for mutual interests. International Human Solidarity Day plays an important role in promoting cooperation and development collectively among various nations. Awareness programs are run through Human Unity Day to fight man-made disasters, war, starvation, illiteracy, poverty, and terrorism. Along with this, the role of International Human Solidarity Day is also commendable for achieving the goals of sustainable development and for inclusive development.