December 9, 2023 10:01:00


Indian Army is celebrating its 76th Infantry Day’ today.

On this day in 1947, the Sikh Regiment of the Army rescued Jammu and Kashmir from the clutches of the Pakistani army and tribals by landing in Srinagar with a special Dakota aircraft of the Air Force. That is why every year on 27th October, the Indian Army celebrates ‘Infantry Day’.

On this occasion, all senior army officers of the Infantry Regiment including CDS General Anil Chauhan paid tribute by laying flowers at the National War Memorial.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also congratulated the Indian Army on Infantry Day.

He said “Congratulations And Warm Wishes To The Courageous Infantry Personnel And Their Families. The Indian Infantry Has Been Imbued With Immense Courage And Professionalism. The Nation Salutes Their Sacrifice, Service, And Bravery.”

Simultaneously, the bike rally that began earlier this month by Indian Army personnel ended at the National War Memorial after a nationwide tour.

The biker groups were led by the Assam Regiment from Shillong, the Maratha Light Infantry Regiment from Ahmedabad, the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment from Udhampur, and the Madras Regiment from Wellington. Each group consisting of ten bikers completed the entire journey of 8000 km to display the ‘esprit-de-corps’ of the Infantry. The march from all directions is to demonstrate not only the spirit and courage of the Infantry but also a display of solidarity with the citizens.

The infantry is a special part of the Indian Armed Forces, which is at the forefront of ground warfare. Infantry Day is celebrated every year on 27 October.

On this day, a few days after independence, the infantry carried out a mission in Kashmir with its bravery. During this time two other princely states including Kashmir became part of India. Then Kashmir was ruled by Raja Hari Singh.

What Is The History of This Day?

On this day, the 1st Battalion of the Sikh Regiment reached the Srinagar airbase and displayed exceptional courage and determination in the fight. At that time, the Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army became a wall to stop the Pakistani Rangers, who had entered Kashmir with the help of tribal raiders. Pakistani invaders were moving towards Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir. It would have taken time to send troops through the link road and the valley would have fallen into the hands of the Pakistani invaders.

In such a situation, an emergency meeting was organized on the night of 26 October and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru decided to bring the Sikh regiment directly to the battlefield with the help of the Air Force.

In the early hours of 27 October, two Indian Air Force aircraft airlifted a portion of the soldiers and the rest were dropped on the battlefield by private airline flights. The same day the battalion under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Dewan Ranjit Rai landed in Srinagar. Since then, Infantry Day is celebrated every year to pay tribute to thousands of infantry soldiers who were martyred in the line of duty.