February 22, 2024 12:41:30 booked.net

IndiGo Sets Record as First Indian Airline to Transport 100 Million Passengers in a Year

In a momentous achievement, IndiGo, a prominent Indian airline, has made history by becoming the inaugural Indian carrier to transport 100 million passengers within a single calendar year. This noteworthy milestone, placing IndiGo among the top 10 global airlines for passenger traffic, was officially announced in a press statement on Monday. The airline expressed gratitude to its customers for their trust and underscored the collective dedication of its staff that contributed to this accomplishment.

Mr. Pieter Elbers, Chief Executive Officer of IndiGo, expressed delight at reaching this historic milestone, attributing it to the loyalty of customers and the hard work exhibited by the entire IndiGo team. Over the past six months, IndiGo has strategically expanded its international reach by introducing more than 20 additional routes, showcasing its commitment to global connectivity. Concurrently, the airline has focused on fortifying its domestic network.

Looking ahead, IndiGo has ambitious plans to sustain its growth trajectory by incorporating sought-after destinations such as Bali, Indonesia, and Medina, Saudi Arabia, into its network in the coming months. The airline’s dominance in the domestic market was evident in November, holding a commanding 61.8% share of passengers carried, a notable lead over the second-ranking carrier, Air India.

IndiGo’s commitment to expansion is further emphasized by its substantial order of 500 Airbus A320 family planes earlier in the year. With existing orders and forthcoming deliveries, IndiGo boasts an impressive backlog of nearly 1,000 planes slated for delivery over the next decade, reinforcing its strategic emphasis on fleet augmentation and network expansion.