May 30, 2024 03:44:59

Indian Boxer Vijender Singh’s Fitness Secrets & Workout Routine for Staying Fit

India’s superstar professional boxer Vijender Singh considers milk to be the secret of his fitness.

In the present era where most children avoid drinking milk, India’s superstar professional boxer Vijender Singh considers milk as the secret of his fitness. Along with this, he also considers water as the key to his fitness, which has kept him away from diseases.

Vijender’s Daily Diet Plan

What Do You Eat?

Vijender said, “The milk of foreigners does not have the same thing as the milk of our home. It is an important part of my diet and I cannot skip it. I drink milk every night. Apart from this, I drink four to five liters of water every day, which can prevent many diseases. I would say this to everyone, who cannot consume milk, please drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.”

Vijender said, “You should also pay attention to your good food. I always have a good breakfast which includes fruits only. For lunch and dinner, I eat homemade roti, vegetables, dal, and rice.”

What Is Important To Stay Fit?

Vijender further said, “Two things are very important to stay fit. The first is positive behavior and the second is complete sleep. If you start thinking negatively then your body will not support you. My only mantra is, Dil Javaan Hona Chahiye, Age Toh Sirf Ek number hai.”

What Food Items Do You Avoid?

Vijender said, “I do not eat junk food. Apart from this, I also avoid eating outside food. I love home-cooked food, so I give importance to it.”

What Would You Tell People About Fitness?

Vijender said, “Hard work and discipline are the keys to staying fit and healthy. It’s not just about exercise. It’s also important to be fit. You also need to sleep, wake up on time, and exercise it. You also have to watch what you are eating and this is the easiest way to stay fit.”

What Kind of Exercise You Mostly Do?

Vijender said, “I do not like running on the treadmill. I prefer running in the open but only when I’m in England or America. There are not many grounds and parks in our country and the pollution is high, so I try to avoid running here in the open. Boxers should have strong hands, but I believe we should do more exercise of our legs too.”

Vijender’s Weekly Plan

Monday: Boxing practice

Tuesday: Increase power during the workout (fast running)

Wednesday: Boxing practice

Thursday: Swimming and light running

Friday: Boxing

Saturday: Stair climbing and descending only

Sunday: Completely Rest

Vijender’s Fitness Mantra

  • Drink four to five liters of water per day
  • Drink milk every night
  • Running or jogging in the open
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleeping and getting up on time
  • Eat good food
  • Stay away from junk food