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In John Wick: Chapter 4, the filmmaker says Keanu Reeves was asked to be “definitively killed off.”

Chapter 4 was scheduled to be the final chapter, but Keanu Reeves insisted that his character be killed off completely. Wick does have a slim shot, though.
John Wick: Chapter 4 appeared to be the famed assassin’s last chapter. After finally taking down the High Table in the movie “John Wick,” Keanu Reeves’ character, John Wick, passed out on the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris. According to franchise producer Basil Iwanyk, that is exactly what Reeves wanted.

As he devotes his entire body and soul to the stunts and performances in these movies, Reeves is worn out after finishing them. He had reached his breaking point by the time they were filming Chapter 4, and Iwanyk disclosed that Reeves was pleading for Wick to be “definitively” murdered off at the conclusion of the movie so he could finally relax. However, they were unable to entirely let go of Wick, so they gave him a slim possibility of surviving, as Iwanyk revealed to Collider’s Christina Radish while promoting the next Wick spin-off, The Continental.

According to Iwanyk, “making these films is so exhausting and it destroys Keanu, physically and emotionally, after the second, third, and fourth movie.”

“By the time it’s through, he invariably says, ‘I can’t do this again,’ and we concur. Because he just walks off and does it, the man is nothing more than a shell of himself. I want to be definitely killed at the end of this movie, he said. We said, “You know, we’ll leave a small 10% gap.

The John Wick director added that because of their long-standing friendship, everyone involved in the franchise was reluctant to stop it since they would miss collaborating on future films. He likened Stahelski and Reeves to The Beatles and expressed his willingness to wait till they had another idea for Wick’s story before continuing to work.

“We all say to ourselves, ‘Okay, how do we bring the band back together, in a way that deserves a decent tale in the next evolution of John.’ We’ve all become such good friends and we all enjoy each other so much and we’re all so pleased by the success of these films, critically and commercially. Keanu and Chad [Stahelski] are currently meeting to discuss what the story is. I prefer to think of myself as Ringo and they are like Paul McCartney and John Lennon. They will phone to inform me that they will arrive. The location is here, and this is the plot of our tale.

Iwanyk admitted he wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Wick yet and that he was willing to wait until the creative team was once again prepared before moving forward fully.

The phrase “another John Wick”

“Everyone wants a new John Wick. We don’t know how it will appear or when it will occur, but we love this world and we love each other nonetheless,” he added. “Everybody’s going to pitch in to try to solve it. Have we solved the problem? No. And will there be one if we are unable to solve it? Of course not, never. Nobody will attempt to jam it for the sake of jamming.