December 1, 2023 04:32:47

Impressive Cab Loaded with Essentials Wows Passengers

A video shared by a woman has gone viral, showcasing a cab that goes beyond the ordinary, stocked with essential items such as hair bands, toffees, water, Frooti, napkins, and more. The Instagram clip has garnered over 11 million views.

Upon entering what seemed like a regular cab, the woman was pleasantly surprised to find it equipped with a range of “needful stuff” for travelers. In her Instagram video, she highlighted the cab’s impressive inventory, including newspapers, medicines, tissues, toffees, and even an umbrella.

Instagram user Radha accompanied the video with a detailed caption expressing her admiration for the well-prepared cab. “So I booked a cab in Noida, and I was impressed (maybe) to find such a stocked-up cab. But seriously, kudos to the driver; he has kept almost every needful thing in the cab that one can need while traveling, including hair bands, toffees, water, Frooti, napkins, and an umbrella. A new experience it was,” she wrote.

The video depicts Radha in the backseat, with a hanging shelf on the driver’s side filled with a variety of items.

Watch the incredible video of the cab

The video, shared last month, has garnered nearly 11.8 million views and continues to attract attention. People have left diverse comments, with some praising the thoughtful cab driver and others sharing their own experiences riding in this particular cab.

Comments from Instagram users include

“I have been in that same cab! I was so glad I decided to take a cab that day. I left a whole page of thank-you in calligraphy in his feedback diary,” shared one Instagram user. “Make him famous; he deserves it,” added another. “This is someone who enjoys his job and is well-behaved,” expressed a third.

A fourth user inquired, “The question is, ‘is this all free or do you have to pay extra’,” to which Radha replied that all the items were complimentary. Another user chimed in, “I have taken this cab too; he has free food and a donation box attached to the back seat too. It’s a good thing,” and a sixth user simply commented, “This is just wow.”

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