December 5, 2023 01:09:49

Impact of Cinema On Our Life

Cinema is an extremely popular source of entertainment worldwide. Numerous movies are produced each year and people watch these in large numbers. Cinema impacts our life both positively and negatively. Cinema has a major influence on society. So it can be used as a major tool for creating public awareness.

Bollywood films like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Taare Zameen Par, and Swades have helped in bringing positive changes in society. Certain good movies and biopics can genuinely influence the viewer’s mind positively and can motivate him or her to work hard in life. Movies and songs can give rise to the feeling of patriotism in the viewers.

A movie is always a good sort of entertainment. It lets you forget all your problems and can take you to an all all-new world of imagination, which can be beneficiary at times. Films at times can also widen your scope of knowledge according to their genre. A historic film can improve your knowledge of history; a scientific movie can touch you with some knowledge of science and so on.

Positive Impact of Cinema on Students

All kinds of movies are made to cater to the interest of different types of audiences. Some movies include educative content. Watching such movies widens the knowledge of the students and has a positive impact on them.

Students need to juggle between their studies, extra-curricular activities, and competitions. Amid such a mad rush and rising competition, they need something for relaxation and movies are a good way to relax.