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If you are a food lover, then you must try these famous dishes from Bengal

1. Aloo Potol Posto

Make a mental note, Bengalis love poppy seeds. They really do and why won’t they, it makes food so much tastier! This preparation above is also made of poppy or Posto as the Bengalis like to call it. It is a preparation of Posto with potatoes and pointed gourd, complete with red and green chillies and sometimes coconut puree to add some much-needed spice to it. It truly is one of the classic Bengali dishes and famous food of West Bengal!

2. Ilish Macher Jhol

One of the much-favoured fishes in the region, Hilsa or ilish fish curry is something that you have got to try your hands on. The pungent smelling curry prepared with Nigella seeds and chilli to give it the required balance that makes it so perfect. You have got to try this one as it one of the staple food of West Bengal.

3. Shukto

Who said Bengalis are all for fish and nothing else? Well, Bengalis do know how to do their vegetables too. And Shukto is just an example. Usually served as the first course of a diet, Shukto is a combination of different vegetables like Brinjals, Bitter Gourd, Crunchy Drumsticks and Bori (a Bengali speciality again). Mixed with grounded spices and milk to make a thick curry, this is a perfect way to start a meal.

4. Sandesh

The most popular sweet from the Bengali state, this dish is made of khoya, a version of condensed milk and is heavenly in taste. This sweet is neither overly sweet thus allowing people with a non-sweet tooth to enjoy too. One should definitely try this delectable West Bengal food item.

5. Tangra Macher Jhol

As you are familiar with the fact that Bengal has a rich source of fresh water as well as saltwater fishes, you might also know the fact that Bengal tries a lot of different varieties of fishes. The Tangra fish is basically the catfish that is found in the freshwater bodies abound in the region. The fish is prepared with freshly ground spices, and the thin curry is light on the stomach and also supremely tasty too. It is a big hit among the Bengalis in the region.