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How To Deal With Your Loneliness: What To Do When You Are Alone And Feeling Lonely!

vMan is a social animal who has evolved while living in different societies. Social relationships form the basis of mutual growth and satisfaction. However, there are many people who live single and are still happy. Looking at them, one question may arise in our mind, “Doesn’t he feel lonely?”

Loneliness or being alone is not being alone; It means that you are feeling lonely. This feeling can also be triggered when you are in a crowd. Loneliness means feeling isolated from oneself, others and society.

The feeling of “I am alone” is like an octopus wrapping its strong arms around someone to make one feel sad and trapped in a dark veil of negativity. This bitter feeling is usually experienced more during difficult times, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic and war. The moment we start feeling lonely, all our attention goes to it and then we bow down to it only to suffer.

Why Does One Feel Lonely And Lonely?

One may also feel isolated because of some family issues or personal dissatisfaction. Sometimes there is no apparent reason for such a feeling. However, it is essential to understand that loneliness and despair are not caused by external circumstances but by our internal perceptions.

Mostly it happens because he thinks that no one in the society is ready to accept him. However, the truth is that he does not accept himself, which brings negativity and tremendous unhappiness towards himself.

It is a result of not respecting oneself, putting stress and pressure on oneself due to the expectations of others. When we fail to adjust with others’ way of thinking, we feel frustrated from within. Even though we want to connect with the people around us, we can’t. This inner weakness leads us to negative thoughts.

Akram Vigyan is a spiritual science that suggests that the root cause of feeling lonely is a lack of true understanding of oneself.

Coping With Loneliness

What to do when you feel lonely? How to stop feeling lonely? The good news is that there are some simple, practical ways to overcome loneliness.

  • Accepting And Facing It

Acceptance: Some people indulge themselves in other activities like watching movies, eating food, etc. to forget their sadness. However, these are only temporary distractions that make the person feel busy, a figurative respite from loneliness. However, when one stops watching or eating, the same feeling of loneliness reappears. It means that we are not accepting this feeling but running away from it. Thus, admitting “I feel lonely” is the first step in overcoming it. Only then can we find a way out of it.

Confronting Negative Thoughts: Negative thoughts control us only as long as we allow them to remain within us. Not listening to them and immediately converting them into positive thoughts helps to improve our determination and confidence. Right understanding and positivity act as countermeasures here. If we do not use them, we will never be able to come out of this negativity. By reading biographies and books that highlight the life events of great people who went through a similar phase of life, we can gain both right understanding and positivity. So now, if you feel lonely, take inspiration from these sources as well as ways to deal with it.

  • Self-Realization

This is the main key to get rid of our own ignorance as well as misconceptions about ourselves. When we come to know who we are (our true identity) from the Self-realized Purusha, then the deep darkness is transformed into inner peace. Thus, self-realization is the most effective way to prevent loneliness.

Inner joy is felt from within and after self-realization the power to fight against wrong or negative emotions doubles. Thousands of people have experienced this eternal bliss through self-realization. You too can enroll for it as soon as possible!