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History, Significance, & Journey of The Internet!

No doubt that the Internet has become an integral part of our life. This means whether to download any things, do shopping, or play games, we heavily rely on the internet everywhere. In today’s time, there is no such office where the internet is not used. Today we are using the internet like water, But how has the internet journey started? Let’s find everything here.

What is The Internet?

The Internet is a vast network that connects and supports all computing devices around the world. It works to establish communication between people and machines. Because of this internet, access to any information, relation to any persons and recourse share, etc. to anyone.

Introduction of the Internet

The main reason for Internet disdain was Cold War (1947-1991). Russia and America were two great powerful countries during the Cold War. And at that time both countries wanted to establish their dominance in the whole world. And for this reason, both countries became enemies of each other and then started planning to attack each other.

At that time there was only one fear in the mind of the two countries, it is a nuclear attack. Because before the advent of the Internet, all the important data of a country was distributed from the same center. Suppose the opposition country does a nuclear attack on that center, then all the important data of that country will be destroyed and most importantly that country will become immovable. To get rid of this problem, especially America started looking for a permanent solution.

Development of Internet

When the Internet started getting the benefit, America likewise blocked the computers of all government departments through Wire. And at that time America & Defense used to control the entire internet, ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).


In the whole world, only America used the internet. When all other countries started understanding the advantages of the internet, then other countries started demanding this internet from America. Later, America also started distributing this internet.

But the internet in 1960-70 had two major problems – one, the internet of that time was very device dependent, and second, there was a possibility of data loss while sending data from one place to another.

Internet Development Journey

1962 to 1969

This was the period in which the Internet was conceptualized and the Internet emerged from the paper concept as a small network.

1970 to 1973

The ARPANET project was a success from the very beginning. Although the main purpose of its creation was data exchange and remote computing between scientists, email became the most used medium.

1974 to 1981

ARPANET came out of military research and it was during this period that ordinary people came to know about the possible use of computer networks in ordinary life.

1982 to 1987

In the same period, the term Internet was used in place of ARPANET and Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn developed a common protocol for all computers connected to the Internet so that computers could easily exchange information. Around this time personal computers and other cheap computers were developed. As a result of which the Internet developed more rapidly.

1988 to 1990

During this period the Internet came to be considered as a medium of communication. Along with this, users also started paying attention to the secure exchange of information and computer security. Because in the same period a computer program “Internet Worm” made about 6000 computers connected to the Internet temporarily unusable.

1991 to 1993

This was the period in which the Internet reached the highest heights. Commercial use of the Internet increased significantly.

1994 to 1998

About 40 million users were connected to the Internet and this is the beginning of the Internet era that happened in the period. Internet shopping started and also Advertisers started advertising on the Internet.

1999 to present

Now it has been simplified by making many modifications to it. The result was that a standard for this network was ensured and opened for use by civilian companies.

After making sure it was opened for the use of civil companies and now all types of information have also been added to it. Thus a wide network was born which we know today as the Internet.