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Here’s a List of Charity works by Salman Khan

  1. Charity

As per an interview; Salman Khan uses only 10 % of his total income, and the rest goes to Charity.

  1. Donated his Bone Marrow

In the Year 2010, Salman Khan pledged to donate his Bone Marrow at a conference. And when there was a requirement for the same, He didn’t back out, instead, he was one of the first donors.

  1. Launched Being Human CSR initiative

In the year 2007, Being Human was launched by Salman Khan and the first project of the foundation was to take 300 underprivileged kids for his hit film Partner.

  1. Trolls

Salman Khan’s Foundation was trolled for selling merchandise but little did these trollers know that in 2016, a whopping 300 crores were raised by selling human t-shirts, caps, etc which were used for various causes.

  1. Manovikas Kendras & NGOs treatment

Even before Being Human, during the 90s’ Salman Khan used to visit Manovikas Kendras & NGOs for treatment of the deprived section of society.

6. Big heart of Salman Khan

  1. Salman Khan after attending a party found street children selling coloring books outside the venue. Since Salman carries only credit cards, he borrowed money from his bodyguards and bought the books. Also, Being Human sponsored education for those kids.

7. Salman’s tweet for needy kids

When Salman Khan’s Kick was raving high on success, the actor announced on Twitter, “If any kids on Facebook ya Twitter who has a heart condition n can’t afford to get it treated, Being Human will get 100 genuine patients treated.”

  1. Provided a job Zaina Begum’s Son

During the shoot of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, moved by a letter from one of Kashmir residents ‘Zaina Begum’. Salman provided a job to the elder son of Zaina and also gave an order for the construction of the home for her family.