May 30, 2024 02:02:55

Here are Some New Features of Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express is also known as train 18, a designed native train. It is undoubtedly a unique train that will mark a new era in travel technology for the Indian railways. Vande Bharat Express has various unique functions, such as bio-vacuum toilets, Wi-Fi on board, completely automatic doors, etc.

The engine of the Train

Train 18 or Vande Bharat Express is India’s first non-engine train. Indian trains have a separate motorized carriage while train 18 has an engine such as a bullet or subway train. Vande Bharat Express is said to cover the trip over 8 hours from New Delhi to Varanasi, making it faster than the current Shatabdi Express which lasts 12-13 hours.

Fully Automatic Doors and AC Cars

The train has 16 fully air-conditioned two-seat carriages – Economy and Executive Class. An amazing feature is that the Executive class has a swivel seat that can rotate 180 degrees. Also one of the most important features of the Vande Bharat Express is the automatic doors with sliding footsteps that are controlled centrally like metro trains.

Meals on the train

The semi-fast train serves food which is included in the price of the ticket itself. When traveling from New Delhi to Varanasi, breakfast, and lunch will be served on board the train. When traveling from Varanasi to New Delhi, high tea and dinner will be served on board the train.

Onboard Wi-Fi

The Vande Bharat Express offers onboard Wi-Fi to enable users to enjoy internet services for infotainment. On mobile phones or tablets, you can also access content via the Internet.

Train Speed

It can run faster than the Shatabdi Express at a speed of over 180 km/h, but the current tracks support speeds not exceeding 130 km/h.

Improved GPS-based System

The train also has an improved GPS-based passenger information system that will keep you updated on upcoming stations and information.