December 6, 2023 06:23:04

Here are 5 significant contributions of Dr. Kalam in the field of science and technology!

India’s first indigenous Satellite launch vehicle:

At the time, India barely talked about launching satellites and developing in the field of Space and technology, a man came and changed the future of space organization. APJ Abdul Kalam was appointed as the project director in ISRO and his leadership made it feasible for the country to construct its own SLV from ground zero. In July 1980, the SLV III injected the Rohini satellite into near-Earth orbit, making The country an exclusive Space Club member.

Development of Ballistic missiles:

Another milestone was created when Dr. kalam headed the directorial position of  Devila and Valiant. It aimed to produce ballistic missiles based on the successful SLV program’s technology. It was only then when missiles like AGNI-(intermediate-range ballistic missile) and PRITHVI (surface-to-surface missile) along with many powerful missiles were created and that’s why Dr. Kalam earned the title of the missile man of India.

Pokhran nuclear test:

This one was an unforgettable moment for India when the country finally emerged as a nuclear power. Dr. Kalam was then serving as a chief Scientific adviser to the then prime Minister, and he was the brain behind the multiple nuclear testing in Pokhran which left the whole world shocked. As the CEO of the DRDO from July 1992 to July 1999, he directed the Pokhran II explosions. India is now on the list of nuclear-armed states as a result of its efforts and dedication.

Dr. Kalam’s contribution to medical and health care:

You are highly mistaken if you think that Dr. APJ Abdul kalam contributed only to the engineering and aeronautical field because his contribution to Medical is also significant. He collaborated with cardiologist Soma Raju and created a budget-friendly coronary stent. It is also widely called Kalam-Raju stent. The duo went on to design a tablet computer for better health administration in rural areas of India in the year 2012 known as the Kalam-Raju tablet.

Light combat Aircraft project:

Dr. Kalam became the first Indian in a leadership position to fly a fighter plane. After specializing in Aeronautical engineering at Madras institute of technology, he engrossed himself deeply with India’s light combat Aircraft project.