December 6, 2023 06:10:16

Happy National Candy Day: Do You Know How Many Types of Candies We have?

Whenever we are happy whenever we are irritated or anything else we always have craving for sweets and especially for candies or chocolates, Nothing beats a sweet decadent treat that delights the taste buds and gives you a slight sugar rush. Candy comes in a variety of different forms, from hard Jawbreakers that are practically indestructible to crunchy brittle that’s just begging to be broken. There’s truly a type of candy for everyone. Even those who aren’t that big on cloyingly sweet confections can choose a less sweet option, such as dark chocolate.

We’ve gathered up 10 top different types of candy that you absolutely need to try if you haven’t already. Feel free to browse through our list to find a new hidden gem. Here are 10 types of candy you should taste in your any types of mood swings:

1. Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn consists of popcorn covered in a caramel candy shell made of sugar and butter with just a hint of salt. It features both sweet and savory flavors and is seriously addicting.

2. Gummies

Gummy candies include anything that’s sweet and chewy. Gummy bears, gummy rings, gummy worms, fruit slices, Swedish fish, gummy sharks, and more are all grouped together in this delicious candy category.

3. Hard Candy

Hard candies are basically the opposite of gummy candies. This category encompasses everything that has a hard outer shell, such as Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, Runts, hard caramels, and more.

4. Licorice

Licorice is a polarizing treat: you either love it or you hate it. It was created in 1790 when a pharmacist mixed sugar with cough syrup containing licorice root and only expanded from there.

5. Sours

Sour candy is not for the faint of heart. From Lemonheads to Cry Babies, sour candy will make you pucker and tear up. Many types of sour candy incorporate sour ingredients into the candy, while others are dusted with sour-tasting sugar.

6. Cotton Candy

Everyone knows and loves this candy that’s as soft as a cloud. Surprisingly, cotton candy was invented by a dentist and a confectioner who created a machine that spun heated sugar through a screen, creating a floss-like texture.

7. Candy Buttons

Candy buttons are small rounded pegs of candy in varying colors (often blue, pink, and yellow) that are attached to a strip of paper. They were originally created in the 1930s and remain popular to this day.

8. Bon Bons

Often called chocolates or confections, bon bons are molded chocolates with a non-chocolate center, such as fruit or caramel. They differ from truffles, which feature a chocolate center and are rolled in another ingredient, such as cocoa powder or nuts.

9. Brittle Candy

Brittle candy consists of hard sugar candy embedded with nuts such as pecans, almonds, or peanuts. According to legend, a Southern woman added baking soda instead of cream of tartar to her taffy recipe, resulting in a crunchy brittle instead of a chewy taffy.

10.  Circus Peanuts

Circus peanuts are peanut-shaped marshmallow candies. No one really knows how circus peanuts got their shape or their name. They may have originated at traveling circuses where peanuts and candy were often sold.