December 11, 2023 05:44:50

Happy Birthday Tanuj Virwani: Find out his fitness secret!

Bollywood actor Tanuj Virwani has made everyone crazy with his brilliant performances in many films as well as on OTT. Then whether it is about the web series ‘Inside Edge’ or the ‘Cartel’.

Along with acting, the OTT star has also grabbed eyeballs for her fitness and the credit goes to her diet and workout plan.

Let’s know the secret of his fitness on Tanuj’s birthday today.

Tanuj Is Much Disciplined In Terms Of Fitness

In an interview, the ‘Purani Jeans’ actor said that he is disciplined about his fitness.

During workout training, he focuses on every muscle of his body.

Tanuj does exercises that target different parts of the body every day and starts his workout routine with a warm-up. He usually does weight training and cardio exercises. The action of the film ‘One Night Stand’ exercises even while traveling.

Usually, most people skip their fitness routine while traveling, but Tanuj never does.

In an interview, Tanuj shared that he does a lot of walking and cycling when he is traveling or shooting outside.

According to the actor, one should also be mindful of what they eat and how much they work out.

Tunuj Does Not Like To Follow Crash Diets

Tanuj does not recommend following crash diets, instead, he says it is important to focus on proper sleep and good nutrition to stay fit.

Additionally, he makes sure to include a lot of fruits and vegetables in his diet. Tanuj also followed a vegan diet for some time.

According to Tanuj, getting enough sleep daily is also essential. The actor follows a low-carb and no-preservative diet. Talking about Tanuj’s diet plan, the actor follows a strict low-carb diet to stay fit. His diet usually includes lots of vegetables, egg whites, and a good amount of protein.

Additionally, he avoids things rich in spices, artificial sweeteners, and no-preservatives as they are not good for health. Chaat, Mutton Biryani and Steak Burgers are the actor’s favorite cheat meals.