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Happy Birthday Ram Sethi: Ram Sethi, The Great Actor Was Known To Be Amitabh’s Right Hand!

Just as Mayur Raj Varma used to be the first choice of every producer-director to play Amitabh Bachchan’s childhood character, there was another actor who was signed in films as Amitabh’s sidekick. This is actor Ram Sethi.

You may not remember that actor by hearing his name, but seeing his face, will remind you of that cheerful face who played the role of Amitabh’s friend in many films. Be it ‘Yarana’, ‘Namak Halal’, ‘Kalia’, ‘Laawaris’ or ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’… every character was made memorable by Ram Sethi. Although Ram Sethi was working in films for many years.

How Ram Sethi Became Pyarelal!

The film ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’ changed the direction of his career the character played by Pyarelal in this film became so famous that wherever Ram Sethi went, people would call him Pyarelal. After this character, the caravan of success and films started going on and Ram Sethi started climbing the stairs of stardom day by day. ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’ was directed by Prakash Mehra and after this film, the pairing of Amitabh and Ram Sethi became his favorite pair. After that Prakash Mehra started taking Ram Sethi in his every film. This was the reason that Ram Sethi is also seen in Amitabh most of the films.

Sudden Breakdown Of Career!

Everything was going well in Ram Sethi’s career but the interruption came when he stopped getting work. At that time, Ram Sethi was 53 years old and had the responsibilities of his family on him, but due to being a working name, he broke down and scattered. It had come to such an extent that they did not even have money to eat food. This was mentioned by Ram Sethi in an interview, in which he also revealed that due to financial constraints, he had come on the footpath and director Prakash Mehra used to help him.

Things Changed Over Time

Somehow Ram Sethi took that time out. It is said that time is not always the same. Soon the golden days of Ram Sethi returned. In 1994, some TV producers approached Ram Sethi and he got work in some shows. But no one knows what was written in the fate of Ram Sethi. Those few moments of happiness too soon disappeared. Due to an accident in the family, Ram Sethi had to take a break from acting and when he returned to Mumbai after two years, everything changed. Ram Sethi could not adjust to that new environment, due to which he became uncomfortable and went into depression.

The situation had become such that when Ram Sethi met his friends, even their names were forgotten. Although during this time Prakash Mehra came out as a nurturer for him, in those days Ram Sethi had to sell the land to feed himself and the family. Well, somehow Ram Sethi overcame his bad days and made a strong comeback at the age of 73, and today he is working as a screenplay writer and a consultant for director filmmaking.