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Happy Birthday Prem Nath: His Flopped Films Caused Him Depression, Even After This He Became The Most Expensive Actor!

Actor Prem Nath’s birth anniversary is on 21 November. Prem Nath passed away in 1992. The way he made a mark in Bollywood on his own. He didn’t let himself fall even after flop films, he is inspiring. Raj Kapoor’s brother-in-law was also in a relationship with Prem Nath.

The Kapoor family is considered to be the biggest family in Bollywood. Many generations of its actors have worked in Bollywood. The person who first stepped into the world of films from the Kapoor family was Prithviraj Kapoor. He did his first film in the year 1928. Since then till now 94 years have passed. For a long time, many lights of the Kapoor family ruled the film screen and earned a lot of fame. From the fifties to the 60s and 70s, there was a lot of fire in the Kapoor family from Shashi to Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor. But in the midst of all this a star emerged who gave him a tough fight.

This was actor Premnath Malhotra (Prem Nath), whose sister was later married to Raj Kapoor. Because of this, Prem Nath later became Raj Kapoor’s brother-in-law. When Prem Nath came to films, he wanted to become a hero. He also did many films as a hero but got recognition and stardom by becoming a ‘villain’. A time also came when Prem Nath started charging more fees than the lead hero of the films. In ‘Monday Motivation’, know the story of Prem Nath and the story of his generosity, when he distributed thousands of notes just like that. Prem Nath’s 96th Birth Anniversary is also on 21 November. On November 3, 1992, he said goodbye to this world.

Started By Playing Minor Roles!

Premnath started his career in Bollywood with small roles, but he left his mark with the characters of Villains. Based on his hard work, Prem Nath became the highest-grossing actor in the 50s and 60s. He had also left behind stars like Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand in terms of the highest fees. At that time Dev Anand used to get 35 thousand rupees, while Prem Nath’s brother-in-law i.e. Raj Kapoor was taking only 75 thousand rupees as a fee. While Dilip Kumar used to get a fee of Rs 50,000 for a film then.

Raj Kapoor’s Films Gave Him the Limelight!

Prem Nath made his Bollywood debut in 1948 with the film ‘Ajit’. The film was a flop, but Prem Nath became the talk of the town because of it. After this, Raj Kapoor gave Prem Nath a chance in two of his films ‘Aag’ and ‘Barsaat’. Both these films were superhit and they made Prem Nath a big star. The film ‘Badal’, which came in the year 1951, gave Prem Nath that stardom, which he had not even imagined. The blockbuster success of this film turned Prem Nath’s career around. Prem Nath got a flood of films. He did many films for the next 30 years. Some of these films were such that they got historical successes.

Why Prem Nath Went To Kailash

However, there came a time when Prem Nath’s career started declining. His films started flopping. It is said that Prem Nath started living in depression. He was not able to tolerate the sorrow of not being able to run films. Then one day he left for Mount Kailash. Later on, he also made a documentary, named ‘Kailash Darshan’. But Prem Nath returned after a few years and came back with full force in the 70s. The film ‘Johnny Mera Naam’, which came in the year 1970, once brought Prem Nath to the list of top and most expensive stars of Bollywood.

Prem Nath Had A Big Heart

Prem Nath was as big a star as he was big-hearted. Once when he was returning home from the shooting of the film ‘Jaaneman’, he stopped his car at Mahim’s red light. Some children were standing there who recognized him. This is about 1976. All the children started shouting with happiness seeing Prem Nath. Prem Nath then distributed 100-100 notes to those children. Not only this, but he also asked those children the names of their films and spent a lot of time together. It is said that after this more children and poor people came there. He used to take the name Prem Nath loudly and the actor used to hand over money to everyone.