May 30, 2024 02:23:14

Happy Birthday, Mishkat Verma: On Mishkat’s Birthday Find out Some Interesting Facts About Him!

You must have heard the song, ‘Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon, Wahan Se Kiya hai Telephone, Tumhari Yaad Satati Hai…’ Music by C Ramchandra and melodious voice by Shamshad Begum, directed by SS Rawail and released in 1949. But only a few people would know who the producer of this film was. Verma Films, the company producing this film, has been a big name in Hindi cinema of the 50s and 60s. Just a year after independence, this company was incorporated by six Verma brothers. Verma Films made successful films in that period with super-hit stars and then by the year 1966, the star of this company started sinking. You will say why the discussion of such an old company in the year 2022. So the reason for this is Mishkat Verma, today is his birthday and we are here to tell you some very interesting facts about him. The lead actor of the new serial ‘Anandiba Aur Emily’. Mishkat is the representative of the third generation of this Verma family.

His Grandfather was From Lahore!

Mishkat Verma says, “During the partition, my grandfather came from Lahore’s Sheikhpura to Bombay and settled here. He made films with Bharat Bhushan, Geeta Bali, Begum Para, Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, and many stars of his time. I didn’t know much about him either. It was a coincidence that one day I met Prem Kishan, the son of the famous actor Premnath. I was also surprised to hear the information Prem Kishan gave me about my grandfather. Many other people from the film industry know and respect my grandfather. Knowing all this, my chest swells with pride.”

Mishkat Was Never Into Studies

Mishkat Verma says, “I was studying in Bombay Scottish, Mahim. But I didn’t feel like studying at all. I used to think that no matter how much you study, you are bound to fail. I used to study for 12 hours, but could not understand anything. Father also felt that nothing was going to happen with his studies, so he never put pressure on his studies, just used to say only one thing that somehow pass.”

His Parents Were Supportive at Every Step Of His Life!

Mishkat Verma says, “May God give parents like me to every inspiring actor. They have supported me a lot. Today my father Dilip Verma is a successful businessman and my mother Usha Verma is a successful housewife. I don’t lack anyone, they have fulfilled my every wish, whenever an actor becomes successful, the whole family is behind his success. My father has taught me only one thing success or failure should always be normal.”

‘Nisha And Her Cousin’ Changed Life

Mishkat Verma started his career on the small screen with the serial ‘Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya’. In this serial, he played the role of Raj Purohit. After this, worked in serials like ‘Nisha and her cousin’, ‘Ichhadhaari Naagin’, ‘Shaadi Ke Siyape’, and ‘Divya Drishti’. These days the Mishkat star is playing the character of Aarambh in the Indian show ‘Anandiba Aur Emily’. He says, “I played the character of Kabir in ‘Nisha Aur Uske Cousin’, this character is very close to my heart and I got good recognition from this serial.”