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Happy Birthday Kunal Kapoor: On his birthday we reveal Kunal’s fitness mantra and tips

The charming, charismatic, and 6′ 3 feet inches tall, Kunal Kapoor has been the talk of the town. Blame it on his overall personality, wavy hair, and fit body that every girl swept from their feet whenever he appeared on the screen. Apart from good looks, ‘Kunal Kapoor’s physique has always been the talk of the town. In an interview, Kunal shares some fitness tips for those wanted to kickstart their fitness journey-hoping to get a healthy and sexy body like him.

Kunal Kapoor begins by saying that the fitness journey is never-ending rather it’s an ongoing process. He says, “every fitness beginner needs to understand that your journey to becoming fit & healthy isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Accept the fact that it is going to take some time, a lot of hard work, and dedication. Just don’t try to look for shortcuts.”

Solid hard work

When it comes to an actor working out for any specific role, he starts his day sweating in the gym straight for two hours every morning. Kunal begins with basic cardio exercises and then moves slowly towards strength training, functional training, and overcoming other body challenges.

Mind over matter

For Kunal, the most challenging part of body transformation was his diet. “When you’re trying to build muscle, your diet is the biggest change you’ve got to make, and the problem is I’m a foodie!” he says, laughing wryly. “For four-and-a-half months, I lived on fish, egg whites, chicken, broccoli, oats, and sweet potatoes only. Whenever I finished any project, I wish not to see these foods ever again.”

Strength to strength

“At the age of 16, I went to a gym for the first time. It was one of those old-school akharas where I did an hour of dand baithak,” reveals Kunal.

His latest form of exercise is mixed martial arts, something he began just eight months ago as part of his training for prepping for an action film.

He’s also into gymnastics and yoga. He says “I keep challenging my body and often make changes in the workouts,” He further added. “I also read a lot about fitness to keep a tab on the trending fitness techniques and goals people are opting for, and I try to incorporate these into my workout regime.”