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Happy Birthday Karishma: Find Out How Actress Karishma Tanna Keeps Herself In Shape!

Fitness Motivation: Bollywood actress Karishma Tanna is very serious about her fitness, which is also visible from her Insta profile. In this article, special exercises of Karishma Tanna’s fitness routine have been told, which can help you to stay fit.

Being fit doesn’t just help us look good, it is also one of the biggest keys to our health. Staying fit is not only important for staying physically fit but also for mental health. By the way, be it a common man or a film star, everyone likes to stay fit. If we talk about Bollywood actresses, then every actress follows some or other fitness plan to stay fit. One of them is Karishma Tanna who is in the media’s discussion about marriage these days. Let us tell you that Karishma Tanna is also a fitness freak and often shares yoga and sometimes gym photos on her social media account. However, Karishma Tanna doesn’t just keep herself fit but also inspires her fans to stay fit by posting pictures of her exercises on social media. If you also want to know the secret of Karisma’s fitness, then this article can be very beneficial for you. In this article, we are going to tell you about some such special exercises of Karishma Tanna, which can be very beneficial in your fitness journey.

Knee Raise Exercise

It is a core-building exercise that strengthens important muscles of the body, which improves body posture. You can also include this exercise in your exercise routine to get a flat tummy and beautiful abs. Knee-raise exercises can be one of the best ways to burn calories.

Single Knee Raise And Hold

Single knee raises and holds exercises are also done by actress Karishma, which is a type of knee raise exercise. It is also known as a single knee raise exercise. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, which when practiced in your fitness routine can help you get a flat tummy. Actress Karishma Tanna holds the knee in the middle during this exercise reps, which helps in increasing muscle strength.

Side Lateral Shoulder Raise

The side lateral shoulder raise exercise done by actress Karishma Tanna strengthens the muscles present in the shoulder and upper back. If you are also fond of fitness, then do not forget to include this exercise in your exercise plan.

Get Help From A Fitness Coach

Some people are very confused while starting their fitness journey and cannot decide how to start. In such a situation, taking help from a fitness coach is the best option. Because according to your body mass index and other medical conditions, the coach tells you the proper exercise and diet plan.