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Happy Birthday John Abraham: He Says-“Haven’t Eaten My Favorite Sweets For 27 Years”, Let Us Know His Diet Plan!

In the Bollywood industry, John Abraham is one of the fittest actors. John’s action avatar is well-liked by his fans. Now John Abraham is once again returning to the big screen with a tremendous action movie. The name of this movie is Attack. In the attack, John will be seen as a killing machine. By the way, the more powerful John looks on the screen, the stronger he is in real life. Today we are telling you about John Abraham’s diet and fitness routine.

John Abraham intakes a lot of protein in his diet. Apart from this, he also eats dairy products like milk and curd and plant-based products like sprouts, soy, and pulses. John also takes green vegetables and fruits in his diet for fiber.

John Abraham drinks black coffee or green tea for breakfast. Along with this, he eats the white part of four eggs and one potato or sweet potato. With this, he takes toast, almonds, and a glass of juice.

After this, John keeps his lunch and dinner simple. He eats home-cooked food like pulses, vegetables, roti, chicken, and fish. For dinner, he likes salad, soup, and boiled vegetables. He likes to eat fruits in the evening snacks. There is no cheat meal day for John.

John Abraham maintains an equal balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in his diet to keep his body fit. He prefers to eat his dinner before 9 o’clock so that he can sleep by 9:30 and wake up at 4:30 in the morning.

John exercises equally with his diet. John’s workout sessions are divided into two parts. One is major and one is minor. With this, he does more and more bodybuilding. In a day, John works on two parts of his body.

John trains with celebrity trainer Vinod Channa. He exercises four days a week and rests for two days. John Abraham tries to stay fit with sports like cycling, running, exercising with dumbbells, and leg exercises as well as football.

John Abraham gives credit for his good health to alcohol-free, sugar-free, and nicotine-free lifestyle. Not only does John stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, but he also does not eat sugar, white flour, oily food, and rice.

In his latest interview, John Abraham told that he has not eaten his favorite sweet for 27 years. John revealed this while talking to Shilpa Shetty in her show Shape of You. He had said that he likes Kaju Katli, but he has not eaten it for 27 years.