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Happy Birthday, Gurbani Judge: On This Occasion we reveal her fitness mantra!

Gurbani Judge, better known as VJ Bani and also Bani J, is an Indian fitness model, actress, and former MTV India presenter. She is known for participating in MTV Roadies 4, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, and Bigg Boss 10.  

Every woman wants to be fit like Bani. Know Bani’s workout and diet plan.

Bani J was sizzling in Roadies 4 with her fitness and sharp mind. Yes, the one who is always famous for the tattoos along with the fitness. In today’s time, she is also known as a motivation for others.

From Bigg Boss 4 to 10, Bani has changed so much that it has become difficult to even recognize her. At the same time, it became difficult to believe that it is the same woman. Looking at Bani’s body, we wonder how she did all this. So let us tell you that she did all this hard work with a strict diet plan and workout.

Bani J’s Workout Plan!

Bani always keeps sharing fitness and workout videos on social media. She works up a sweat doing push-ups, headstands, and weight lifting.

She works hard to maintain herself as a muscular queen. Bani gives maximum time to weight lifting. Due to this, she has got amazing biceps, shoulder cuts, and abs.

The Diet Of Bani J

Talking about Bani J’s diet, and her intake of all these things on daily basis. She has a strict diet plan in which these 5 main things are there.


She likes to have high-protein foods like, to eat chicken, fish, and eggs. If you are vegetarian, you can take paneer and tofu for protein. She drinks more and more water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated. Due to this, she also gets relief from muscle pain.


Bani likes to drink coffee before and after the workout. This keeps her metabolism good. Along with this, it helps in burning calories.

Complex carbs

Complex carbs like oatmeal are Bani’s favorite breakfast. Complex carbs also help in controlling her cholesterol.


Bani J likes to eat brown rice and sweet potatoes for her carbs.