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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAUTAM GAMBHIR: Legend’s top 5 best innings

Today we highlight the achievements of one of the biggest players that Indian cricket has ever seen, let us begin by taking you back in 2007, the T20I world cup when the entire nation was praying for Indian team to win the match, it was Gautam Gambhir that helped us lift the cup. Even in 2011 ODI World Cup he was one of the batsmen to score the highest runs. Let’s have a look at Gambhir’s illustrious innings in the Indian Cricket Team.  

75 vs Pakistan (2007)

The first inning on my list is obviously the tournament-winning match that he played in the 2007 T20I World Cup final thus ending the 24-year drought for India to win a major World tournament. To play such an extraordinary inning in the biggest match was really special and to single-handedly get the team to a match-winning score was a dream come true. He made a brilliant 75 runs from just 54 balls with 8 fours and 2 sixes at a strike rate of almost 139. This innings will always be remembered by everyone and it was one of his best.

150* vs Sri Lanka (2009)

One of the best ODI performances in the career of Gautam Gambhir came from this match vs Sri Lanka in those times Sri Lanka was a very good team and India was chasing 316 to win in 50 overs which was tough. India was in a very bad spot at 23-2 when they lost both Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag. Then came in Gautam Gambhir and the youngster Virat Kohli and they both started to change the tide against Sri Lanka’s attack they got a lot of boundaries and as a result, they achieved a mammoth 224 runs for the third wicket and Gautam Gambhir stayed till the end making 150* in just 137 balls with 14 fours in the innings and it was one of the best chasing innings ever.

137 vs New Zealand (2009)

This is the best test innings in the career of Gautam Gambhir and although it may not be his highest test score but the way in which he batted for 11 hours and the manner in which he saved this test match for India was extremely special to watch. New Zealand made a daunting 619 in their first innings and India got out on 305 in the first innings. Then came Gautam Gambhir & he stood up again and he never left the crease. He allowed the other batsmen to play and he made 137 from 436 balls with 18 fours, although is dodged many dot balls but this was one of the best match-saving test innings.

97 vs Sri Lanka (2011)

Gautam Gambhir’s best batting performance list will be incomplete without the most important innings of his career and this was the innings that made him an all-time legend in cricket. He had already done something like this in 2007 but that time India was batting first, this time it was chasing a good total of 275 in 50 overs but India lost 2 early wickets at a score of 31 runs only and then came Gautam Gambhir to do what he did best, the way he took charge was special and will always be remembered.

82 vs Australia (2012)

This is an innings that might not be on everyone’s lists of the best Gautam Gambhir performances but it should be, considering the occasion and the venue in which he did it and the opposition he did it against. It was the 2012 Commonwealth series 2012 and India needed 270 to win against a very good Australian bowling Gautam Gambhir stood up for India again and scored a match-winning 92 from 111 balls with 7 fours and yet again he showed why he was one of the best.