December 9, 2023 04:36:14

Happy Birthday Dr. CV Raman: Great Thoughts By Dr. Raman Will Lead You To A Great Path!

In 1928, the great scientist and Nobel laureate Sir C V Raman discovered his famous Raman Effect. This discovery not only revealed why ocean water is blue in color but also revealed that whenever light passes through a transparent medium, its nature and behavior change. Even more special thing is that this was the first time that an Indian got the Nobel Prize in Science. For this reason, National Science Day is celebrated on 28 February.

Follow these thoughts of CV Raman that will work to give you a new path in your life:

  • Giving his views about fundamental science, he said that I have full faith in basic science, and it should not be inspired by any industrial, instructional, government as well as any military force.
  • Regarding modern physics, he said that modern physics is completely built on the basic hypothesis of the atomic constitution.
  • Describing his great experience, he said that in the summer of 1921, when he went to Europe, he got the first opportunity to observe the strange blue color of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • While giving his views about success and failure, he said that we are responsible for our failures. If we do not fail, we will never be able to learn anything. Failure is what motivates you to achieve success.
  • Regarding the search for knowledge, he has said that we often keep looking for opportunities from where to make the discovery, but we see that the development of a new branch is hidden in the starting point of the natural phenomenon itself.
  • Do not be afraid of any question, if the question is done right, then naturally the doors of the correct answer will open for it.
  • You can’t always choose who will come into your life, but whoever you are, you can always learn from them, they will always give you a lesson.
  • If someone treats me right, I will always see success in the right direction, if someone treats me wrongly, then your pit is sure.
  • If someone thinks of you in their way, it’s ruining the best place of their mind and that could be their problem, not yours.
  • I feel and feel that if the women of India show their interest in science and the progress of science, they can achieve whatever men have failed to achieve to date.