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Happy Birthday Dayanand Shetty: Dayanand Has Been The Champion Of The Discus Throw, Find Out How He Became ‘Inspector Daya’ In CID!

All the characters of the most talked about crime show CID are popular but the character of Inspector Daya was immortalized by this show. Daya is an officer who is known for his fearless attitude and door-breaking. The name of the actor playing the role of Inspector Daya is Dayanand Shetty and today is his birthday. He was born on this day in 1969 in Karnataka.

Let us tell you that Dayanand Shetty was associated with sports before coming to the world of acting and was a great player of discus throw and shot put. In the year 1996, he became the champion of the discus throw of Maharashtra, but after injury, he distanced himself from the world of sports.

CID was Daya’s first TV show which started in 1998, for which he worked till 2005. “Daya daravaaja todo” has been one of the most loved dialogues and scenes of CID. Apart from CID, Dayanand has also worked in shows like Gutur Goo, Adalat, and CIF on TV, although he has not been associated with any project after the year 2019.

Has Broken The Door So Many Times

Once during an interview, the actor was also asked about breaking the doors, in response to which he said, “I have not kept any record so that it can be known for sure how many times the door has been broken, but it is not included in the Guinness Book. Must be an off-world record because I have been breaking doors since 1998.”

This Is How This Work Started

Dayanand Shetty himself told that, “when we started, a sequence was made in which the gate was closed, so I was asked to break the door. This thing clicked in the minds of the people. More people used to break the door in the show like Freddy also broke the door. But he doesn’t know why the public liked the scene when Daya broke the door. It was just that he had started liking us. Then what happened? It became a trademark and doors kept breaking.”

Movie career

Let us tell you that Dayanand Shetty is famous for the CID serial but along with this, he has also worked in some films like Diljale, Johnny Gaddar, Runway, and Singham Returns. Dayanand Shetty auditioned for ‘CID’ in 1998 and was selected because of his strong physique.