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Happy Birthday Babita Of ‘Ashram’: Tridha Chowdhury Became A Successful Actor With An Unfulfilled Desire To Become A Doctor!

Tridha Chowdhury, a resident of Kolkata, made headlines by becoming ‘Babita’ in the popular web series ‘Ashram’. Even before this, she has worked in many series and films, but very few people would know that Tridha desired to become a doctor.

Multi-talented, this word fits many artists associated with the film industry. This word is also accurate for Tridha Chowdhary, who recently grabbed headlines from the famous web series ‘Ashram’. Tridha Chowdhary, a model, also wanted to become a doctor. When that couldn’t happen she became a microbiologist and is now a successful actress. She said; “Whether it is a hobby to appear on the screen or a desire for this profession, I started modeling in my college days, so being in front of the camera has become a habit.”

“Wanted To Become A Doctor”

Tridha about herself and her life. Tridha says, “My grandfather wanted me to become a doctor, but it could not happen. Then I tried to get into a profession related to it, if not medical. That’s why I did my graduation in Microbiology. It was during college itself that I became fond of modeling, which has now come in front of everyone in the form of an actress. During this conversation, Babita i.e. Tridha Chowdhary of the ashram revealed many secrets.”

Tridha Is From Kolkata

Tridha Chowdhary says, “I was born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Early studies were done by MP Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School, Kolkata itself. After this, I took admission to Microbiology and graduated. The desire to appear in front of the camera was there since childhood, but the family members had other dreams. Nana wanted me to become a doctor, but I was interested in skin studies. That’s why she could not go to medical, so took admission to microbiology course. Tridha says- Today I may have become an actress, but the interest in skin studies has not decreased. I always collect some information about it. If I get a chance in the future, I will definitely work in this field.”

A Beauty Contest Changed Her Life

Tridha is fond of dance since childhood. She is an expert in Odissi dance. But she gives the credit of success in her career to modeling and beauty contests related to it. Tridha says- “Participating in the beauty contest has been like a turning point for me. These contests became the basis of coming into the world of films or entertainment.” Tridha started participating in beauty contests during her school-college studies. She tells that it was through these competitions that she got acquainted with the world of acting and gradually she started getting inclined toward the silver screen.

Film, Television And Web Series

Tridha Chowdhury’s first step in the world of acting via a Bengali film. She says- “For the first time in the year 2013, she got a chance to work in Srijit Mukherjee’s film ‘Mishawr Rawhosyo’. This was a big opportunity for me. After this, in 2016, the serial ‘Dahleez’ on Star Channel introduced Tridha to the world of television. After this, the roads kept opening”. She has worked in web series even before ‘Ashram’. Its name was ‘Spotlight’. After this series, he got the ‘Ashram’ of Bollywood’s well-known producer-director Prakash Jha. Babita’s role in ‘Ashram’ proved to be a milestone for her career. She says- “After this series, now many more web series is in my hands.”