December 11, 2023 05:12:14

Happy Birthday, Anushka Shetty: Find Out How ‘Devasena’ Became The Queen Of Tollywood!

Bahubali’s leading actress is now leading the whole south industry. Anushka Shetty has impressed the audience with her work in bahubali as ‘Devasena’. She is one of the top actresses in the South. Today is her birthday, so let’s know about her life.

Anushka Shetty is a famous actress from the South. She got a lot popular all over India after the movie Bahubali. Her character was well-liked in this film, but even before that, Anushka impressed the audience with her work. She is one of the top actresses in the South. Today is her birthday, so let’s know about her life on her birthday.

Sudden Change In Life

Anushka Shetty was born on 7 November 1981 in Puttur, Karnataka state. As a child, her parents affectionately named her Sweety Shetty. Before working in South films, Anushka worked as a yoga instructor. After college, she used to take part in meditation workshops, during which she also took yoga classes. Anushka chose a different path yet, Anushka’s entire family was full of doctors and engineers. After completing her studies she also started teaching. While Anushka was busy with her life a life-turning point came when she collided with directors Meher Ramesh and Puri Jagan and her life changed.

South’s Top Actress

There was no such desire at the beginning of Anushka that she would become an actress. In 2005 Anushka started her film career. She worked in the Telugu film ‘Super’. Ayesha Takia and Superstars Nagarjuna Akkineni worked with her in the film. After this Anushka also worked in the Mahanadi. After all this, Anushka made a plan to go back home but director SS Rajamouli offered her a film. Rajamouli signed Anushka Shetty in the film Vikramkurdu opposite Ravi Teja. After this, Anushka Shetty became one of the most well-known actresses in the South.

Since then, Anushka worked in many films continuously and never stopped. She worked in films in many languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, and made her mark. She has acted in more than 30 films in different languages. At one time she was also a South Highest Paid Actress. She made her mark by working in films like Stalin, Don, Arundhati, Singham, Souryam, Okka Magadu, Bahubali, Nishabdham, Rudramadevi, and Linga.

Special Relationship With Prabhas

Anushka Shetty and Prabhas have very good bonding. Many times there were reports that both of them are going to get married but it was not possible. Anushka Shetty, while she was talking about Prabhas and her relationship during an interview, she told that she considers Prabhas to be her friend who does not need to see the time to call. She considers Prabhas as her 3 AM friend whom she can call anytime day or night and talk to. As good as the pairing of these two is in reel life, there is a good tuning in real life as well.