December 11, 2023 05:18:07

Gujarat Morbi Bridge Collapse 2022: Death Toll Rises to 141, Many Injured While Some are Still Missing

After a colonial-era cable bridge crashed down in Gujarat’s Morbi town on Sunday evening, sinking over 350 people into the river, 141 lives were lost, and even more, than a hundred others were admitted and are being treated.

There were 400-500 people on the bridge at the time of the collision, and when it fell down, countless numbers of them sank into the river. Numerous videos and pictures have surfaced showing the people clinging to the wires of the crumbling bridge or even swimming for protection.


  • Authorities, armed services, and emergency management teams have been deployed, and the rescue mission is still ongoing.
  • According to officials, more than 177 people have already been managed to rescue so far.
  • “Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel arrived in Morbi last night. He has been in control of rescue and searches operations since yesterday. The state government has set up a panel to look into this incident. I confirm to the citizens of the nation that there will not be any slack in the relief and rescue efforts “PM Modi stated
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently on a three-day tour of Gujarat and Rajasthan, has chosen to postpone his roadshow in Ahmedabad on Monday in the aftermath of the Morbi cable bridge collapse, which killed over 60 people on Sunday evening.

The bridge resumed just over a week ago, but it’s unclear whether it had a clearance certificate.

On the behalf of Nikology team, we share our sincere deepest sympathies towards the families who have lost loved ones. While we wish those who have been injured a swift recovery, the people remaining stuck must be saved safely as soon as possible.